5 Things To Do To Build Bigger Chest

5 Chest Workout Tips – No Pecs No Sex

If you are like millions of other guys who go to the gym a couple of days per week, chances are your workout includes a ton of chest exercises.  Here are 5 Chest Workout Tips that you need to consider before you even set foot in the gym or weightlifting room.

5 Chest Workout Tips

No Pecs No Sex - Chest Workout Tips

You can do all the chest presses you want, but if you are not being smart with your weightlifting workout, it may not matter.  You can have the buy the best workout gloves on Amazon, or the dopest gym shoes, but it is the equation of your workout that makes the difference.

  1. Try Progressive Loading – This concept is fairly easy to understand.  Lot’s of people like to refer to muscle memory, which is a real thing. The muscles of the body that are trained consistently will become accustomed to the training over time.  So if you want to bump up and bump out those pecs, you have to switch it up.  Adding variations of exercises will make a difference.
  2. Sleep Like You Never Have Before – Your biceps, chest or any other muscle that you train weightlifting doesn’t actually grow during your workout.  It is during sleep that your body regenerates cells and fixes that damage that you did during your chest workout.
  3. Lay Off The Cardio – Get off the elliptical machine and get your workout gloves amazon on. Cardio is great to get rid of excess body fat, but don’t overdo it.  You need calories (clean) to build muscle.  If you’re burning too much energy at the gym or out of it doing cardio, your muscles may be the loser.
  4. Hit The Weightlifting Hard – Stop being a chatty cathy and using valuable gym time to socialize.  Resting more than two minutes in between reps is giving your chest muscles too much time to recover.  The goal is to train them to fatigue.
  5. Don’t Smoke, Explode  – Get the most form your chest workout by going harder with force.

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