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No Pecs, No Sex! – Build a Bigger Chest

No Pecs, No Sex! – Build a Bigger Chest
build a bigger chest, sexy guy pics, shirtless guys, crossfit gloves, best crossfit gloves, best workout glovesGuys listen up... Want more action in the boom boom room?  Get on the floor and do some push ups and build a bigger chest!  Ask any of your co workers, buddies, female friends or gay friends what they find most attractive in a potential "mate" and you'll hear lots of things. Nice eyes, a sense of humor, a great smile, or a good job will all likely make the list.  But we're talking about physical traits here.  No need for a research study to tell us that women find muscular men more attractive.  It's human nature.  It's a non verbal, genetically infused, hard wired truth - no pecs, no sex!

Build A Bigger Chest - It Starts With Focus

1. Quit Being a Cardio Queen

The most ripped up guys at the gym aren't on the elliptical machine or treadmill, they're weight lifting!   Seems like a no brainer, but lots of guys who want to lean out and "get cut" focus too much on their cardio to do it.  The fact of the matter is, the more muscle mass you carry - the more metabolic energy you expend.  Your cardio will help you lean out, but it may be working against you if you're trying to build a bigger chest.

2. Explode Don't Smoke

Most will agree (and studies have shown) that explosive weight training is key for building muscle mass.  That means that your actual weight lifting movement should have force behind it.  Rather than count your reps (which does nothing) try timing your workouts.  The idea is to get over the idea of how many times you're pressing the weight and focus more on the force you're asking your muscles to use to explode that weight up!

3. Go Hard Or Go Homebuild a bigger chest, sexy guy pics, shirtless guys, crossfit gloves, best crossfit gloves, best workout gloves 2

You wanna build a bigger chest (or anything)?  Quit socializing with everyone at the gym. Seriously. Shut the hell up and FOCUS on getting the most intense workout you can.  Spending an hour and a half at the gym means nothing if 1/3 of that time you're chatting with your bromance or checkin yourself out in the mirrors.

4. Progessive Loading

You're likely heard terms like "muscle memory" in reference to working out or trying to build muscle.  The concept is simple really - your body will inevitably adapt to the stressors that you're placing on it.  Progessive Loading Weight Lifting doesn't mean just adding more weight to your bench press, it also means adding variations to it.

5. Visit Mr. Sandman Regularly

You're muscle grow when you're NOT working out. Read that again.  Sleep is crucial for the body to repair itself and "fix" the damage that you've been doing to it in the weight room.  With each bicep curl or bench press you're causing microscopic tears in the muscle.  When the body repairs this damage the end result is a stronger (and bigger) muscle.

Los Angeles Personal Trainer Riley Daye is an ACE Certified Lifestyle Consultant and Personal Trainer.  Contact Riley if you're in the Los Angeles area.

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