Chisel Your Chest with Bodyweight Flyes | EXERCISE VIDEO DEMO

Chisel Your Chest with Bodyweight Flyes | EXERCISE VIDEO DEMO

Bodyweight Flyes  / Chest RolloutBodyweight Flyes (or flys) are a more advanced chest exercise to work the pecs and build a bigger chest.  A hybrid between a pushup and dumbell flyes, bodyweight flys are not only an awesome chest workout, but you’ll be working your core, back and shoulders.  Because it is a slightly more challenging compound exercise, it’s important to make sure you’re focusing on proper form.  Here are some tips and video demo to show you how it’s done. 

Bodyweight Flyes

1.  You’ll be using two EZ curl barbells loaded with equal plate weights.  You need these to roll out so you can’t use hex shaped plates, they need to be round.

2.  With your lifting grips on grab each barbell and position them underneath you as you assume a push up position with your arms fully extended.

3.  Slowly begin to roll each barbell apart moving your hands out to your sides. Extend you arms out as far as you can.

4.  Return to the midline starting position by slowly rolliing the bars back.

Tips for Bodyweight Flyes

♠  Using gym gloves or lifing grips is a good idea as you want to avoid your hands slipping off the bar.

♠  Try not to pause when you’re in the extended position.  Not only will you put undue stress on your shoulders, but you’ll make the exercise more difficult. Momentum is your friend with this move.

♠  The weight of the plate on the EZ curl bar is irrelevant.  You’re simply using them as wheels.