Best Butt Exercises

Best Butt Exercises

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What are the best butt exercises for women?  What about for men?  To be honest there’s not much difference.  If you want a butt you could bounce quarters off of you gotta build muscle and lose fat.  Duh.  So what are the best butt exercises? Dumbbell Walking Lunge


  1. Begin standing upright holding a dumbbell in each hand at your sides. You don’t need your workout gloves for this necessary.
  2.  Keeping your abs tight, take a step forward with one leg.  Focus on landing on the heel of your foot versus the ball.
  3. Naturally lower your body until the knee of the opposite leg is almost touching the floor.  The lower leg will  provide assistance in moving foward as well the standing leg (you’ll feel it in your butt on the side of the standing leg.)
  4. The lower leg makes the next move and becomes the standing leg, and so on.  Think of a lunge as an exaggerated “walk.”  If you’re new to the exercise it’ll be easier to try it without weights to begin.

Bench Butt Raises

  1. Lie flat on the floor with your feet on a bench.  They’re not going to be flat on the bench, you’re basically using it to push against.
  2. With your arms by your side and abs tight, imagine a string attached to your bellybutton pulling your butt off the floor until your back is straight.  Your pelvis should be “pointing” above your head at the top of the move versus straight to the ceiling at the beginning of the move.
  3. Keeping your buttocks muscles contracted and abs tight, lower yourself back to the floor.  Keep going for a full set before resting.

Pistol Squats – Notice – This is an advanced move that requires great balance and coordination.  If you’ve never tried it before I suggest you hold onto the wall or a chair for support. Not only is it one of the best butt exercises, but it’s a great quad exercises as well.

  1. Standing upright you’ll begin by simultaneously extending your arms and one leg in front of you as you squat to the floor.
  2.  Lower yourself until the extended leg is about parallel to the floor.  Your arms are extended towards your extended leg. Imagine touching your toes.
  3.  Using the foot that is firmly on the floor, focus on pushing through your heel to an upright position as you bring the extended leg back in to an upright position.Sexy Butt Workout Gloves >>

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