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Plyometric Box Exercises – 10 Of The Best Exercises You Can Do

Plyometric Box Exercises – 10 Of The Best Exercises You Can Do
plyometric-box-exercises, gympaws-weight-lifting-gloves, harbingerIf you haven't done them yourself at the gym, you've probably seen a Personal Trainer helping a client with some Plyometric Box Exercises. Because they involve short bursts of maximum force they're not only a great exercises to build muscle but when added to a good circuit routine, they can be a fat blaster as well!  Here are 10 of he the best exercises you can do!

Plyometric Box Exercises

1. Box Squats- The standard exercise that's great to work on your squat depth.  Adding a barbell to it can help you increase the burn. 2. Reverse Lunges- This is another great exercise that uses full range of motion.  It's also a standard test to determine flexibility and balance. Added to the beginning of a workout they're a great warm up for the hip flexors. 3. Lateral Jumps- To properly train for flexibility and agility lateral ploymetric box jumps round out your routine well. 4. Jump Overs- As your arms swing above you, your knees come to the chest and you literlaly jump over the box!  You'll be working up a sweat with these puppies! 5. Step-up- This is good for beginners to build basic strength and balance.  This usually starts with a lower box and progresses in height. t 6. Toe Touches- Alternating without rest, you're not actually stepping up onto the box, but simply touching your toes. 7. Burpee Box Jumps- We love Burpees around here.  Their a touch exercise to beat to get the heart rate up and really feel the burn.  Here's a good example of Burpees using the Plyometric Box. 8. Glute Bridges- Work that a$$!  Laying on the floor with your feet resting up on the box, push through your heels to raise your buns off the floor. 9. Single Leg Box Jump- This takes coordination!  Imagine you're hopping on one leg... but you're hopping onto the box, and back down again! 10. Box Jumps- Done with both legs simultaneously this is another great exercise for beginners to get the hang of working with the box.
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