Plyometric Box Exercises – 10 Of The Best Exercises You Can Do

Plyometric Box Exercises – 10 Of The Best Exercises You Can Do

plyometric-box-exercises, gympaws-weight-lifting-gloves, harbingerIf you haven’t done them yourself at the gym, you’ve probably seen a Personal Trainer helping a client with some Plyometric Box Exercises. Because they involve short bursts of maximum force they’re not only a great exercises to build muscle but when added to a good circuit routine, they can be a fat blaster as well!  Here are 10 of he the best exercises you can do!

Plyometric Box Exercises

1. Box Squats– The standard exercise that’s great to work on your squat depth.  Adding a barbell to it can help you increase the burn.
2. Reverse Lunges– This is another great exercise that uses full range of motion.  It’s also a standard test to determine flexibility and balance. Added to the beginning of a workout they’re a great warm up for the hip flexors.
3. Lateral Jumps– To properly train for flexibility and agility lateral ploymetric box jumps round out your routine well.
4. Jump Overs– As your arms swing above you, your knees come to the chest and you literlaly jump over the box!  You’ll be working up a sweat with these puppies!
5. Step-up– This is good for beginners to build basic strength and balance.  This usually starts with a lower box and progresses in height. t
6. Toe Touches– Alternating without rest, you’re not actually stepping up onto the box, but simply touching your toes.
7. Burpee Box Jumps– We love Burpees around here.  Their a touch exercise to beat to get the heart rate up and really feel the burn.  Here’s a good example of Burpees using the Plyometric Box.

8. Glute Bridges– Work that a$$!  Laying on the floor with your feet resting up on the box, push through your heels to raise your buns off the floor.
9. Single Leg Box Jump– This takes coordination!  Imagine you’re hopping on one leg… but you’re hopping onto the box, and back down again!
10. Box Jumps– Done with both legs simultaneously this is another great exercise for beginners to get the hang of working with the box.

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