Leg Workout Without Weights

Killer Leg Workout Without Weights

Leg Workout Without WeightsExercise Video Demo:  Working out the lower body is crucial to maintaining a lean and well balanced physique.  The legs (and butt) are the largest muscle group of the body which means that they also burn the most calories.  This is a killer Leg Workout without weights that you can do anywhere including the gym. Why Bodyweight Exercises Are So Effective Bodyweight workouts are the number one fitness trend for 2015 according to a study sponsored by ACSM or The American College of Sports Medicine. http://www.gympaws.com/fitness/top-3-fitness-trends-for-2015/  There’s good reason for that.  Not only are bodyweight workouts ideal for those at any level of fitness ability, they can be some of the most effective at toning and building muscle.  They are also important when training for flexibility and stability.  Once you master proper form for basic exercises using bodyweight you can progressively challenge yourself by adding resistance.

Killer Leg Workout Without Weights

If you’re looking for some of the best butt exercises you can do, this workout incorporates 4 of them that will firm up that booty in no time. They include:

Front Lunges

  1. While standing with your feet shoulder width apart, step forward with one leg while keeping the opposite leg in place.
  2. Without pausing push yourself back to the starting position by focusing on driving force through your heel.  Do the same thing with the opposite leg.

Reverse Lunges

  1. Just as with front lunges you’ll begin with the same stance. Instead of the movement being in front of you, you’ll “kick back” to bring the toe of the first leg to the floor behind you and return to the starting position.


  1. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. The wider your stance the more stability you’re working with. The closer your feet are the more you’ll be challenging your balance. Perform a standard squat using a slow and controlled movement.  If you’re a beginner you might want to read our post on proper for for squats.

Side Lunges

  1. With side lunges you’re stepping out to each side from your starting position.  When doing side lunges, your feet will naturally turn out or point away from you.
  2. With the side lunge you’ll notice that the driving force will come more from the front of your foot rather than the heel.

I call this the killer leg workout without weights however as you see the exercise video demo, you can certainly add weights to increase the resistance and make the exercises more challenging. Complete all four of these exercises as a circuit without rest between each exercise.  The order of the exercises isn’t as important as using proper form and working with slow, controlled movement. It’s one of the best butt workouts you can do and works your quads and hamstrings as well.

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