Best GYm GLoves - Best Butt Exercises

Single Arm Reverse Kettlebell Lunge – Glutes, Quads and Core oh my!

Best GYm GLoves - Best Butt ExercisesEXERCISE VIDEO DEMO:  There’s a ton of lower body exercises you can do to help tighten up that derriere but the Reverse Kettlebell Lunge gets right to the point.  By using a kettlebell you’re not only adding resistance (weight) to the movement, but you’re also challenging your center of gravity.  This instability forces you to engage your midsection or core muscles as well.

Single Arm Reverse Kettlebell Lunge

1. Begin by holding a kettlebell in your right hand and raise it to shoulder level.  Your forearm should be perpendicular to the floor.

2. Inhale and lower your body down, lunging back with your left leg until your knee almost touches the floor.

3. Drive the force through the heel of your right leg, squeeze your glutes (butt) and push yourself up to the starting position.

4. Complete 10-12 reps and switch to other side.

Tips for the Single Arm Reverse Kettlebell Lunge

♠ It’s important to keep your abs and core muscles tight thoughout the movement, as this will stabilize you and help prevent any back injury.

♠ You may not think to use gym gloves, but having some sort of kettlebell grips when doing any kettlebell workout, but they will allow you to maintain a firm grip on the weight as you master the exercise.

♠ The upper body must stay as stable as possible when you’re doing a lower body exercise.

♠ Avoid using a kettlebell that’s too heavy.  The goal of using a weight is not for mass resistance, but rather to challenge your stability.  Using a weight that’s too heavy will throw off your form.