American Ninja Warrior Fitness

American Ninja Warrior Fitness – Kacy Catanzaro

Kacy-Catazaro-FitnessIt there’s anyone who demonstrates the drive and determination required to master American Ninja Warrior Fitness, it’s definitely wrapped in a lil 5ft tall package named Kacy Catanzaro.  Last week’s Dallas qualifying round of American Ninja Warrior made history when former Division 1 gymnast 24 year old Kacy became the first women ever to complete the grueling obstacle course! Last week’s episode also introduced us to two new obstacles, the tilting table and the ring toss.  The Ring Toss obstacle is really a variation on the Monkey Peg obstacle.  In the monkey peg, athletes progress up an incline monkey bar variation using hand sized pegs and holes.  It requires not only substantial upper body strength but great grip strength as well.  Standard pull ups as well as pull up variations would be great exercises to add to Dynamic versus Static Balance Trainingyour routine if American Ninja Warrior Fitness is your goal.  You can read more about different pull up variations and gloves for pull ups here.

The new addition of the tilting table was more interesting to be however because it requires more than just speed or strength, but that other component of training that more fitness enthusiasts seem to overlook – balance training.

American Ninja Warrior Fitness – Balance Training

Balance seems straight forward right?  When it comes to sport specific training however it should be examined more closely.

Static Balance Training.   Static balance refers to the ability to maintain control and stability of the body with a static or non moving base of support.  For example standing on the floor and trying to balance on one foot.  You’re controlling your center of gravity and maintaining your position without movement. Yoga is a great static balance workout.

Dynamic Balance Training. If you’re paying attention then you can probably figure out what dynamic balance training means.  Like static balance you’re still optimizing your core and center of gravity, however you’re doing it from a moving or dynamic base.  Dynamic balance training means both the right and left sides of the body are allowing symmetrical or mirrored movement and range of motion. Bosu® Ball training is an excellent example of Dynamic Balance Training. American Ninja Warrior FitnessFor those of you who aren’t familiar with the Bosu® Ball you’re surely seen it at the gym, even if you don’t know it’s name.  It basically looks like an abs ball that’s been cut in half and has a rigid flat surface.  While you don’t necessarily need one for dynamic balance training, they’re definitely a favorite of most trainers.