Battling Ropes Without Weight Training Gloves

Battling Ropes Without Weight Training Gloves

Best Gym Gloves For Weight Training

When most people think of weight training they immediately visualize pumping cold hard iron in the weightlifting room at the gym.  However over the past decade, exercise and fitness fanatics are realizing the benefits of training without the traditional weights.  Crossfit WOD, bodyweight exercise, TRX Resistance Training, and HIIT workouts are finally being recognized for their ability to sculpt flabby into fit.  Becoming more popular, Battling Ropes Workouts are climbing up that list of insanely effective workouts (You can do without weight training gloves.) Here are 12 of the Best Battle Ropes Exercises you can do and a video demo that shows you each one!

12 Battling Ropes Exercises

What You Need To Begin:

Battling Rope (also called Battle Rope) –

Not all gyms have battling ropes in house because while they don’t require much floor space to store, they do require a lot of space when training with them.  Because a Battling Ropes Workout is so effective at building not only the upper body, but ALL muscle groups, they’re popular in Crossfit gyms / boxes as well as Boxing Gyms.  A Battle Rope might also be a good addition to your home exercise equipment as well.  You don’t really need an anchor for the rope if you have a tree or even outdoor staircase pillar you can wrap it around.

Weight Training Gloves –

If you’ve never done one of these workouts before within your first 30 seconds your hands will definitely tell you if they’re happy!  Traditional weight training doesn’t require the same movements and your grip strength isn’t a huge factor when you’re moving a dumbbell or deadlift bar for example.  These exercises WILL test your grip strength.  Trust me, wearing bulky weight training gloves will feel more like a hindrance than a help.  You just want something like GymPaws to protect your hands from calluses and give you a little more help in the grip department.

  1. Alternating Waves (big) – This is the most basic of the battle ropes exercises and a great place to start.  Wearing your GymPaws weight training gloves hold one end of the rope in each hand.  As you shift your weight back to your heels and assume a slight squat position, create big waves in the rope by alternating pumping each arm up and down.
  2. Alternating Waves (small) – While this exercise may seem like it would be easier, it’s actually slightly harder.  While you’re basically performing the same basic movement, you’ll need more core and lower body stability to control the rope into smaller waves.

You can read details of the other 10 exercises that are shown in this YouTube video here:

GymPaws Lifting Grips as your new Weight Training Gloves

  • Real Leather Palm is slightly padded.  You’ll ease hand fatigue, enhance grip, and save your hands from getting torn up.  Leather is the most durable material you can use.
  • 4 Finger Loops keep these grips in place while you’re training.  They actually fit like a glove!

If you can actually get through this Battling Ropes Workout, you’re going to be sweating beyond belief in addition to be getting shredded.  GymPaws are washable weight training gloves… just toss them in the dryer with your sweaty gym clothes!

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