Barbell Deadlift Form | Frank's Booty Blast 2

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Barbell Deadlift Form – Frank’s Booty Blast

Barbell Deadlift Form – Frank’s Booty Blast
Best Crossfit Gloves Exercise Video Demo: If the deadlift isn't part of your regular workout routine it should be!  Barbell Deadlift form isn't all that complicated to understand really.  You're basically picking up a weight from the floor and setting it back down.  Of course there's a bit more involved in the actual movement, but as far as exercises go it's one of the most simple and most effective muscle building exercises you can do.

Barbell Deadlift Form

Muscles Worked with Barbell Deadlift The lower back and hamstrings are primarily responsible for the heavy lifting so to speak, however the deadlift works the muscles of your core, hips, back, lats, arms as well as your grip. One of the most basic movements we do in our everyday life is picking something off of the floor.  Whether it's picking up your kid, grabbing a box of office paper,or a bag of groceries you're engaging the same muscle groups as you are with proper barbell deadlift form. This is the second video in what I call "Frank's Booty Blast" series.  You can see the first exercise Smith Machine Squat here. (opens in new window)

Barbell Deadlift Video Demo

1. Stand in front of a barbell that you've loaded with weight. 2. Reach down to grab the barbell with both hands.  Your abs should be tight and your head should be naturally forward. 3. Raise the weight focusing on driving through your heels until you're at a standing position and image thrusting your hips forward into the bar. 4. Slowly lower the weight back to the starting position and allow it to rest on the floor.  This completes one full repetition. Tips for Proper Barbell Deadlift Form Barbell Deadlift Form ♠ Using a pair of lifting grips or weight lifting straps will greatly increase your grip ability and allow you to move more weight. ♠ As you lift the weight try to keep the barbell in line with your body as you move forward.  This is one of the reasons bodybuilders are able to lift great amounts of weight with the deadlift, because the movement and the weight stay within your body's center line of gravity.

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