2018 Best Gym Gloves

Fitness and Workout Gear 2018 – Smash The New Year

The holiday season is behind us for the most part.  2018 is just days away and if you're like millions of other people, you're getting ready to take on your New Year's Resolution. Developing a better fitness, exercise, or workout routine is among one of the top resolutions people make.  Perhaps that got a cool pair of gym gloves or some new workout clothes for a gift and they're ready finally to make a commitment.  What is the best Fitness and Workout Gear 2018 to keep you on your game?  We've got you covered. 

2018 Best Workout Gloves

While the complete list isn't debuting until February, "PT Trainer and Fitness Professionals" Magazine does their annual lists of the top gym and workout gear and GymPaws® is coming in as their pick for "Best Gym Gloves 2018."  In fact, GymPaws® has made someone's list of "best workout gloves" every year for the past 5 years.  Most notably Heavy.com rated them top of "5 Best Mens Workout Gloves" (but of course 50% of our customers are women as well.) You can find GymPaws products here on our website or of course you can visit Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws and check out thousands of customer reviews. 

Best Gym Gloves 2018 – Versatile and Unisex

Most bodybuilding gloves have not changed design or function for decades.  5 Years ago GymPaws® disrupted the market by introducing a product that was made from 100% cowhide leather (as opposed to micro fiber or synthetic materials), and that functioned like a full glove without having all the excess material to inhibit movement or make your hands sweaty. 

2018 Best Gym Gloves

Hundreds of thousands of customers use them daily at the gym in place of traditional Crossfit gloves or Workout Gloves. They really are something you need to try out. 

As far as fitness and workout gear 2018 and New Year's Resolutions here are some interesting facts…

2018 Fitness and Gym Facts

Nearly 80% of people who commit to a healthier lifestyle have completely abandoned their original mission by April!  Any qualified Personal Trainer or fitness professional will tell you that this non compliance is due to inadequate or unrealistic lifestyle choices.  When you're setting out on your fitness journey whether it be in the gym or out, set small obtainable goals for yourself that acknowledge positive lifestyle changes.  For example for your New Year's Resolution, your big goal maybe to lose 20 pounds, and that's great.  However you need to achieve that will small steps that will turn into lasting lifestyle choices.  Celebrate each pound lost, or give yourself a reward each time you make it to the gym.  Focus on the now, not the future.  Going to the gym for a half assed workout because you're tired, is still better than not going at all!  

So don't forget your 2018 Best Workout Gloves, a great attitude, and the confidence to achieve your health and fitness goals.