Best Workout Gloves Reviews

Best Workout Gloves Reviews

Best Workout Gloves Reviews

Best Workout Gloves Reviews | GymPaws® leather weight lifting grips have been voted one of the best workout gloves for men or women for a reason. They work!  Whether you’re a diehard Crossfit fan and need some crossfit gloves that won’t get in the way, or a weightlifting enthusiast that needs a pair of grips that are durable enough to hold up to the toughest workouts, GymPaws® Original Leather Lifting Grips will be your ultimate swolemate! Here are what Personal Trainers and customers have to say about the best workout gloves reviews (watch the video here)…


Best Workout Gloves Reviews

GymPaws® gym gloves are the only weight lifting grips made from top grain 100% cowhide leather.  Don’t think it matters if you use a leather workout glove or not?  Think again! Grips like the Nike Alpha Training grip are no different than the sole of a shoe (no surprise). Using a hard plastic grip like that doesn’t really easy hand fatigue, in fact it can make your grip tire out even faster!  GymPaws® have a slightly padded leather palm to both ease hand fatigue and give you a superior grip.

Crossfit Gloves

For those of you using or looking for Crossfit Gloves, you know that it can be hard to find a pair that works for your workout.  You need something that you can keep on throughout your entire circuit, but that won’t leave your hands in a sweaty puddle.  Because GymPaws have four finger loops the grips stay in place without getting in the way, not to mention that the Neoprene backing wicks away sweat.

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Weightlifting Gloves

There are guys who swear that wearing a workout glove for lifting gets in the way of getting their pump on, and there are even more that disagree.  Think of a pair of weightlifting straps that you’d use for doing a deadlift.  Why do they help you to lift more when afterall they’re just a piece of cotton cloth?  The answer is because the lead placed on your grip is offset to your wrist, allowing you to focus on the movement rather than on the grip of the bar. The same concept applies for workout gloves!  As you read the best workout gloves reviews (or watch the videos).  Keep in mind that not every glove will be everything to everyone.  You need to experiment with what works for you.  Look for a retailer like GymPaws® that offers 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like them.

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