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Best Crossfit Gloves 2014

best crossfit workout gloves, best crossfit gloves, kipping pull upsIt’s official!  GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips have been voted one of the Best Crossfit Gloves 2014!  Thousands of gymrat Crossfit Fans and Bootcamp groupies have voted and GymPaws are the top rated gym gloves for Crossfit. Will you become a fan?

First of all, if you’ve ever done Kipping Pull ups or Knees to Elbows then you’re most likely familiar with the pressure and fatigue that a pull up bar can instill on your hands.

Forget about your grip for a second, just the fact that your entire body weight is relying on the ability for some of the smallest muscle in your body to complete a full body movement seems grueling enough.  Now what if your hands or palms get sweaty, or the bar is gross from the other 20 people that jumped on em before you?!

Best Crossfit Gloves 2014

You can’t debate that your workout would be better if your hands didn’t tire as quickly!  There are many muscles of the hand but they are broken down into two groups of muscles:  The extrinsic and the intrinsic groups. What does this mean?best crossfit workout gloves, best gloves for crossfit, muscle of the hand, get a stronger grip

The Extrinsic Muscles produce a powerful grip and are largely located in the forearm, where the Intrinsic Muscles are located in the hand and are responsible for dexterity.  If you’ve ever done a proper pull up, you know that you feel fatigue in your hands and grip but also in your forearms.

So how can the Best Crossfit Workout Gloves help?  This may sound silly, but it begins first in your head.  If your bootcamp or crossfit training instructor is good, they will tell you

“Whether you think you can or you can’t… you’re right!”

The best crossfit workout gloves are the ones you feel most comfortable with.  By knowing that your hands won’t tire before the rest of you, you’re less likely to focus on hand fatigue.  It’s mind over matter really.  Something like the GymPaws® Workout Glove or Grip as some people call it, has a slightly padded leather palm.  This padding is just enough to ease some pressure on your hands, but not too much so that you lose sensory perception.  The Leather Grip won’t slip around like some of the flimsy fabric gym grips do, and they won’t “stick” like those spongy power pads can.  If you feel confident with your grip, you won’t focus on it, and you’ll pay attention to your form, or your rep count.

Workout your body – NOT your hands!