Gloves For Pull Ups Crossfit – Video Demo

Gloves For Pull Ups Crossfit – Video Demo

The Best Gloves For Pull Ups CrossfitSo what are the best gloves for pull ups crossfit?  It’s not a simple answer.  It really depends on what you’re using them for.  There are about as many workout gloves available as there are things to use them for.  If you’re looking specifically for some hand protection for pull ups gloves crossfit, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Material.

Weightlifting junkies have tried just about every product available (if they’re into using hand protection at all).  Lifting grips like the Grip Power Pads that are made out of spongy foam material are great for the meatheads in the gym that do a power set and sit around and admire themselves in the mirror for then next 5 minutes.  They’re not function for circuit training or quick movements.  Not to mention because they naturally “stick” to the bar, they’ll quickly tear apart if you even think of trying em for a set of knees to elbows!

GymPaws® are the best gloves for pull ups crossfit because they’re 100% REAL LEATHER.  Your shoes are made from Leather because it’s the most durable material for weight lifting – your lifting grips should be made of leather too!

2. Fitness / Exercises Uses.

If you don’t have a plan each time you go to the gym or your local crossfit box, then don’t bother reading any further.  Any gym glove will work for you.  If you’re serious about working out, then you need to pick a crossfit glove that’s appropriate for what you’re doing!

Kipping Pull Ups – The last thing you need is a lifting grip that’s going to slip around.  If you’re not into the full / half finger workout gloves and want to try a lifting grips for pull ups, then try something like GymPaws that has 4 finger loops.  If you only have 2 or 3 fingers, then try something like Gripads.  For some reason they thought that you didn’t need to worry about all your fingers.

Knees to Elbows – kte – If you can actually do knees to elbows then you’re certainly not an amateur.  KTE require great upper body strength and a solid grip.   Chances are after busing out a set or two of kte’s your hands are on fire. If you’ve tried crossfit pull up gloves before and you’re reading this article, you clearly haven’t tried GymPaws yet.  They’re the top rated workout glove on amazon 2013 and 2014.