Fitness Gift Basket Ideas For Men

Fitness Gift Basket Ideas For Men or Women

Fitness Gift Basket Ideas For Men

Finicky fitness fanatics are frustrating to shop for! They live to workout at the gym, and can barely see past their next exercise class or weight training session.  You don’t have to understand the world of fitness to put together a really cool gift!  Here’s a list of the top fitness gift basket ideas for men or women. 

Gym Gloves or Weight Lifting Grips

This is one of the first and best things you should consider adding to your gift basket for men or women.  Anyone who is into weightlifting or Crossfit or gym training in general can tell you that their hands take a beating just as much as the muscle group they’re training.  Some sort of hand protection is always a thoughtful gift for someone who works out. 

Gym Gloves come in all shapes and sizes.  Look for one that is genuine cowhide leather.  If the product description does not say this, it’s almost 99% certain that the material is a cheap faux leather or micro-fiber.

For those that may not like wearing a full half finger glove, a pair of weight lifting grips is an awesome solution.  GymPaws® Original Leather Lifting Grips have been a favorite among Crossfit athletes and bodybuilders for years now.  They’re compact to fit in the palm of the hand, they are genuine cowhide leather, and they have 4 finger loops so they actually fit like a glove. 

Gym Bag

Everyone has to get their things to the gym and back.  A good gym bag with ample storage is a great idea.  We wrote a review on a cool Plemo Gym Backpack here.

Fitness Gift Basket Ideas for Men or Women 

Weightlifting Straps

If you have a bodybuilder on your list, then the Deadlift exercise is one that they are more than familiar with.  Weightlifting Straps are used for deadlifts, pull ups, shrugs, and other pulling exercises.  The straps help by transferring some of the workload of the weight to the users forearm and wrist.

Heart Rate Monitor

Relatively inexpensive, a heart rate monitor makes a GREAT fitness gift basket idea for men or women!  They range from $50-$150 and they’re well worth it!

Weightlifting Supplements

Anyone who works out or is into weightlifting seriously will definitely appreciate a high quality protein supplement!  With a lot of companies you can even buy a sampler pack.  We wrote a great 1st Phorm Review you can read here. comparing 1st Phorm Level 1 to Met-Rx protein powder. 

These are just a couple of ideas to put your fitness gift basket idea together.  Anything that is useful to your Crossfit fanatic or exercise gymrat will be appreciated!

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