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5 Fitness Trends Of 2016 You’re Probably Not Doing

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The third quarter of 2016 is almost over.  Those New Year's resolutions are long gone, and hopes of sculpting that perfect summer beach body is probably best saved for next year.  Having said that, there is no bad time to start amping up your workout or weightlifting routine.  If you're getting bored with the same ole ole in the gym, here are 5 Fitness Trends of 2016 that you may or may not even heard about. 


5 Fitness Trends Of 2016


Indoor cycling classes have been around for many years, but 2016 saw a spike in those who find it appealing to strap yourself onto an stationary bicycle in a cramped steamy room for an hour. Popular brands like SoulCycle have seen a boom in attendees this year and that's a good thing.  Spinning is a great cardiovascular workout and while it may seem like you're just pumping the pedals to someone else's workout playlist, it actually is a great way to condition your core and lower body muscles. 

Tough Mudder

This isn't a workout for the faint of heart, yet more and more of you are attempting to match your level of physical fitness with thousands of others who are ready to get down and dirty for this obstacle course workout.  Invented by a British Harvard Business School graduate, a typical challenge could include a 10 mile obstacle course which has you plunging into a dumpster of ice cold water or crawling through the mud like a Navy Seal in training.  While it certainly is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, it's not a realistic exercise and fitness routine if you're looking to build muscle or shed some unwanted bodyfat. 

Top Workouts and Gloves


For years Crossfit has remained in the list of popular workouts, so it's not surprising that it made the list of 5 Fitness Trends of 2016.  Millions of you are intrigued by Crossfit Knees to Elbows, Snatches, Pull Ups, Tire Throws, and Battle Ropes.  It's a fun workout and it's great cardiovascular training as well as a good substitute for traditional weightlifting.  The popularity of Crossfit is one of the main reasons GymPaws® was rated the Best Mens Weight Lifting Gloves for 2016 by (although they're just as popular with the ladies.)

Aerial Yoga

This is definitely a workout that deserves to be labeled a "trend."  It's one of those things that you hear celebrities and bored housewives doing but never really anyone YOU know.  Basically it incorporates yoga moves whilst being suspended above the ground in what can best be described as a fabric hammock. 

Treadmill Desk Workout

We're not really sure HOW popular this is, but it needs to make some sort of list.  Some well intentioned employers hell bent on making their Corporate Wellness programs seem attractive, are allowing employees to put a treadmill at their work station.  In theory this is an amazing idea!  Instead of sitting stationary for 6-8 hours a day, you have the ability to be walking.  Of course no one would deny this is a great tradeoff when it comes to health and fitness, it just doesn't really seem all that plausible.  

With just over four months until it's time for millions of people to make their 2017 New Year's Resolutions again, we're sure these 5 fitness trends of 2016 will remain just as popular (or popular to read about).  Regardless of what type of workout you choose.  Stay active, stay fit, and stay interested!  Consistency is key. 

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