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Triceps and Legs Workout

Triceps and Legs Workout – Mixin’ it up with some favorites!


SET 1 – Alternate between Lunges and the triceps extension with reps of 15, 12, 10, 10, and 8.  Rest for one minute between sets.  i.e. 15 Lunges, 15 Triceps, rest, 12 Lunges, 15 Triceps, rest, etc.,

Reverse Lunges – Dumbbells

These are stationary so you’re not moving around like walking lunges.  Standing straight with a dumbbell in each hand, take a step back and lower your knee to the floor.  Focus on keeping your forward leg as stationary as possible.  Using the heel of your forward leg, push yourself back up to starting position.  You’re going to feel these in your quads and glutes.  Complete repetitions for each leg before moving to the other.

Triceps and Legs Workout


Triceps Extension – Straight Bar

Using the cable machine and straight bar,  keep your elbows tight to your sides throughout the full movement.  Using an overhand grip, push the bar down and towards your rear until your arms are as perpendicular to the floor as possible.  Squeeze and hold for a moment and slowing return to starting position.  Keep in mind that the “work” of this exercise begins when your forearms move past being parallel to the floor.

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SET 2 – Perform 10-12 reps of each exercise 4 times, alternating between exercises.

Leg Extension

23 Hour Workout - Triceps and Legs Workout


French Press

Grab your dumbbells or ez curl bar (and of course your GymPaws Weightlifting Gloves), and sit forward facing on the bench.  This movement is done sitting upright versus scull crushers for triceps which are done laying on the bench.  Begin by holding the weight straight above your head and without allowing your upper arms to move, slowly lower the weight behind your head.  Keep your elbows tight and pointing forward.

Triceps and Legs Workout

SET 3 – 10 to 12 reps of each exercise with one minute rest in between.  If you can increase the weight with each set without compromising form then do so, otherwise maintain the same weight.  Complete 4 total sets. This particular triceps and legs workout uses the barbell front squat which is different than the more common barbell back squat.  The front squat focuses challenges your quads more, whereas back squats fire up your hamstrings and glutes.


Barbell Front Squat

The best triceps and legs workout routine.


Triceps Extension – Rope

Complete this movement similarly to the straight bar extension.  At the bottom of the movement as you squeeze your triceps for a moment, rotate your hands slightly so that your palms are parallel to the floor. Return to starting position.

triceps extension rope, triceps and legs workout, evolution book, gym paws, workout gloves