23 hour workout

Might As Well Start With Monday

23 hour workoutMonday’s over and with it comes swarms of people hitting the gym trying to burn of the excess off calories they consumed over the weekend.  This weekend I was reading some interesting numbers about gym membership statistics and it got me thinking about my own goals.  Like most people I’ve been hitting the gym for years.  It’s part of my lifestyle at this point and one of the few good habits I can actually boast about.  The reality however is that also like most gym goers I really don’t see noticeable changes from all my efforts.  At times I feel like it’s groundhog day when I hit the gym.  I go at the same times, do the same things, sometimes I’m super motivated, and sometimes I’m just phoning it in.  Over the years I’ve convinced myself that going to the gym, even if it’s for a half-assed workout, is still better than not going at all.  While this is definitely true, I also have to be realistic about my expectations.  When I’m standing in line at the grocery store and gazing at those men’s fitness magazine’s with shredded guys on the cover, I think to myself “with all the time I spend at the gym, why don’t I look like that?”

I was reminded of the answer to that question from my personal trainer friend Ryan VanDyke when we were chatting recently about the fitness biz, working out, and nutrition.

It’s not the hour a day I spend at the gym that determines what my physical appearance looks like, it’s the other 23 hours of the day!

It was something I knew to be true, but somewhere along the road I think I chose to forget about it.  It was easier to say that my work hours, personal / family life or life in general was the “reason” I wasn’t reaching my fitness goals.  I haven’t been taking responsibility, and I know I’m not alone.

The same conversation also reminded me what I didn’t like about personal training when that was my full time profession years ago.  Client’s hire personal trainers more for motivation to get their butts to the gym, than they do to actually reach a specific goal.  I’m a goal orientated person and I want to see the fruits of my labor.  I remember committing my time, expertise and energy to clients for months or even years and rarely seeing the transformation that the client committed to at the beginning.  It was a frustrating.  I liked personal training because I liked being in the gym.  I didn’t like the fact that despite my best efforts with clients I was not in control of the outcome.

It’s time I put my mind where my mouth is and get back to doing, rather than just talking!  This recent “re awakening” has inspired me to create a new section on my blog “23 Hour Workout.”

23 Hour Workout

The 23 hour workout is going to be about the other 23 hours of the day that can either help you achieve your goals, or stifle them.  This isn’t going to just be a blog about fitness tips, exercise demos, or healthy recipes;  I 23 hour workoutwrite enough about that for the rest of the GymPaws® blog.  This is going to be about my personal journey to reach the goals that I’ve set for myself.  Through articles, pics and videos, I’m going to share with you practical, real world advice from the perspective of someone who’s doing rather than just talking.

I’m in a unique position having access to countless Personal Trainers, Fitness experts, Celebrities, Personalities, CEO’s and other Fitness Industry titans.  

While I haven’t been a personal trainer for over a decade, I am a part of the Fitness Industry as the owner of GymPaws Inc.  Any resources, advice, motivation and expertise I may need along the way, is literally at my finger tips.  Whether or not you choose to follow along isn’t the point.  It’s more of a personal diary that I’m putting out there.  It’s a way for me to accept responsibility and hold myself accountable and document my progress.  Having said that, I am choosing to share this journey publicly with the intention of encouraging interaction from others in the fitness industry as well as anyone else who may find the information useful or inspiring.  Throughout the coming weeks and months I’ll share with you more of my unique “back story” as well as my personal progress, achievements, set backs and inspirations.

I’m going to get naked in front of 10,000’s of people (metaphorically speaking of course).


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