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With literally thousands of choices available from best sellers to most reviewed, buying the best workout gloves for women on Amazon can be a daunting task. Not only do variations differ by brand and manufacturer, price and availability, but men and women alike should be choosing their exercise and fitness equipment and gear based on how they specifically are going to be using them.

GymPaws Gym Gloves have been one of the best stilling workout gloves for women and men for nearly 5 years.  With a slightly padded leather palm and four finger loops to keep them in place gym paws grips were popularized initially by fans of Crossfit.  They protect the palms from excessive pressure and friction without inhibiting movement. Get GymPaws on Amazon at .

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Most people don’t really consider the type of exercise or workout they do before they go online and buy fitness and exercise gear.  If you’re a seasoned bodybuilder or weightlifting enthusiast you already know that the majority of hand protection available gets in the way of your workout versus helping.  If you are a fan of Crossfit, your search for Crossfit gloves probably has included reading or even trying out thousands of options of grips. The sad reality is that most men and women don’t really know what the heck they’re buying much less how to use it as a tool in the weight room.

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Let’s use the basic pull ups as a good exercise example. Of course we all know how to do a pull up, but what we don’t realize is that the reason a lot of people can’t do a full set of them isn’t because their hands hurt. It’s because their muscles are weak.

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Women tend to look for workout gloves to help make their hands hurt less or exercise feel better whereas men tend to buy based on performance. If your hands feel like they are going to rip off when you try to do a pull up, there is no grip or glove on Amazon that is going to help you do more.  The issue is the lack of training that weakness of the hands wrists and forearms.  This applies to any exercise in the weightlifting room or gym.  Workout gloves for women are no different that gym gloves for guys.  Some of them help and some of them hinder.  Cut to the chase and just get the best gym gloves on or off of Amazon.