Best Crossfit Gloves for Battling Ropes

12 Battling Ropes Exercises ♠ Battling Ropes Workout

Exercise Video Demo:  A Battling Ropes Workout will not only leave you sweating buckets, but it will work just about EVERY muscle group of the upper and lower body.  A lot of the mainstream gyms don't have battle ropes, but if you're a fan of Crossfit you've probably seen them at your box, and any private Personal Training studio will have them as well.  This video will show you 12 Battling Ropes Exercises you can do for a workout that will leave you breathless and begging for rest!

Battling Ropes Workout

The 12 Battling Ropes Exercises

  1. Alternating Big Waves Pretty self explanatory.  Holding one end of the battle ropes in each hand, assume a squat like position to shift your weight back on your heels.  Create big waves with the ropes by using a full range of motion pumping your arms up and down.  You'll feel this in your shoulders for sure.
  2. Alternating Small Waves This is similar to the Big Waves, however you're keeping the battling ropes tighter to the ground and you're using less of a range of motion with your arms.  You'll also need to assume a deeper squat position.
  3. Clockwise With this battling ropes exercise, instead of creating "waves" in front of you, you're moving the ropes out by moving your hands in a clockwise position.
  4. Jumping Jacks Your Personal Trainer probably has you doing jumping jacks for a warm up, or you may incorporate them in your Crossfit workout, but you've never done them like this!Battling Ropes Exercises
  5. Power Slam Here's a change to vent all your pent up frustrations!  Power slams are one of the most simple exercises to master and are a staple for any battling ropes workout.  With both hands / arms in unison, slam the battling rope against the floor as hard as you can!
  6. Russian Twist I'm all about sculpting those v shaped abs!  Working the obliques is a sure fire way to do that!  The Russian Twist works your arms and upper body, but also gives your abs and core a killer workout.
  7. Shuffle Start in the center position and grab your ropes. As you do your Alternating Big Waves, shuffle from side to side.  This is a great butt exercise too.
  8. Side to Side Waves Instead of alternating arms, work them together.  Grab the ropes in each hand and imaging you're sweeping the floor with them as you swing them from side to side.Best Crossfit Gloves for Battling Ropes
  9. Ski Steps With one end of the battle ropes in each hand simultaneously swing one arm up as you kick the opposite leg back.
  10. In and Out Waves with Squat As you wave the ropes in and out, perform a squat.
  11. Counter Clockwise Circles This is a similar exercise to the clockwise circles, except you're rotating out instead of in.
  12. Hip Toss This is another great abs and obliques workout.  As you slam the ropes to ether side, squeeze the obliques as you would to do an obliques crunch.

If you don't have access to Battling Ropes, you can buy them online!  They are a great piece of exercise equipment to have at home because you can do a full Battling Ropes Workout anywhere you have space! Loop it around a tree in your backyard or at the park and have at it!  Online you can expect to pay between $75 and $150 for a decent rope.

Don't forget a pair of GymPaws® either!  They're a perfect option for a gym glove when you're doing your Battling Ropes workout!  The finger loops keep them in place, and the leather palm protects your hand while giving you some extra grip on the rope. Check out GymPaws gym gloves and fitness products on Amazon.

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