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What Are The Best Workout Gloves For Gym

Attention all men! (women are smart enough to know this already,) Guy… calluses are NOT a sign of virility or your level of fitness!  This is an uneducated and outdated perception that was solidified in the 1980's when the "me" decade and Americans' obsession with vanity overtook commonsense in the gym. The days of Jane Fonda workout tapes and Sweating to The Oldies are long gone, and so are the mean head weightlifting gym rats mentality. It's 2017 and it's time to debunk some myths about the exercise and fitness industry and explain not only why workout gloves are important to use in the gym, but why they may be necessary. What are the best workout gloves for gym?

Calluses Are A Result of Trauma

Best Workout Gloves 2017

Calluses appear when consistent friction and pressure is place on any part of the skin.  It is your body's natural response to the trauma and stress being placed on the area.  Almost as an amour, the body grows thicker and harder skin to act as a shield. Dry calluses hands aren't a phenomenon unique to weight lifting or for those that workout at the gym regularly.  Tradesmen, manual laborers and athletes experience them too.  You don't see them walking around saying "I'm an awesome brick layer because my hands feel like an elephants scrotrum."  So why should someone have this mentality at the gym or in the weight room?  Especially in 2017!

Debunk The Myth Of Gym Gloves, Crossfit Gloves and Weightlifting Gloves

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In the 1980's millions of (mostly men) hit the weight room with determination and vigor.  One could almost hear the mantra "go hard or go home" being whispered with every drop of sweat that hit the floor. Unfortunately science, and experience has shown that harder is not necessarily better.  2017 best workout gloves are far different than what would have been considered nearly 40 years ago.

What Are The Best Workout Gloves For Gym

Best Workout Gloves 2017

The old bulky overly-padded bodybuilding gloves are gone.  They were too hot, and restricted movement.  This causes the wearer to fall into improper form and technique when weight lifting or doing any exercise for that matter. GymPaws® Workout Gloves are made for performance with minimal padding, and hand protection only where you need it, not where you don't.

State of the art military-grade Neoprene is used for the back of GymPaws because of it's hydro-phobic nature.  It wicks away sweat and water leaving the palm of your hands, and grip, more secure.  Four finger loops keep the grip pads in place and actually make them feel like a glove.

You can purchase GymPaws® right here on our SSL secured website using your Amazon account to checkout, or Paypal or any major credit card.  In addition you can find our full line of fitness products including the best workout gloves for gym here:  

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2017 Best Workout Gloves

We want to say a few quick words about Amazon.  It's the biggest retailer online and the go to place for millions of exercise and fitness shoppers for workout and gym gear and equipment.  Customer reviews are important!  Pay attention to the ones that cite specific exercises or examples of how the user used their workout gloves.  Many shoddy gym gear manufacturers pay people to leave positive reviews in an effort to chase the top selling Brands and make some money.  With GymPaws being on the top of the pack, we have lots of these low life company's nipping on our heels.  We don't fret, we just keep on keepin on. We're a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Athletes, and Exercise Physiologists.  We design products for performance not profit.  We know that consistently providing quality products and by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we'll continue to enjoy working out with millions of people worldwide!