Sweat Like Gisele

Gisele Bundchen Workout – Sweat Sexy

Sweat Like Gisele

You probably have just seen Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen strut her stuff across the Maracana Olympic stadium in Rio for the opening ceremonies of the 2016 games, and if not you still know who I'm talking about I'm sure. I'm not sure that I've even seen any actual supermodel at the gym, but pretty sure this is what a typical Gisele Bundchen workout looks like. 

This 36 year old hottie stands at an impressive 5 feet eleven inches. There's no wonder why fashion icon Alexander McQueen coined her "the body" when she walked her first runway in 1997.  Nearly 20 years later she could definitely still hold that title. 

Supermodel Workout

Gisele Bundchen Workout

When asked about her exercise and fitness routine, she's been quoted as saying that she doesn't have a specific go to exercise,  She actively practices yoga, volleyball, Kung Fu, surfing, and Pilates. 

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(photos courtesy of Shape Magazine, Under Armour, and Ranker)