Hot Firefighters Are Smokin

Hot Bodies Made From Hard Work

Millions of us hit the gym every week for hours sweating it out in the weightlifting room or maybe a Crossfit class.  Any form of activity and exercise is beneficial, especially if we have day jobs that keep us sedentary for most of the day.  However the guys and girls who’s main employment is manual labor or trade work, have us gymrats beat before we even hit the gym for our workout!

Hot Bodies Made From Hard Work

Hot Guys Getting Sweaty

As a Personal Trainer I can tell you that the most symmetric and natural looking gym bodies and physiques are usually those guys that are into other activities other than weight lifting. Workout gloves and gym gear is great, but it won’t do the job for ya. Occupational Training is a form of physical therapy which focuses on strengthening by mimicking movements we make in our every day lives.

Hot Firefighters Are Smokin

Firefighters are heroes in every community in which they serve.  They risk their lives everyday to assure our safety and well-being, and their job is insanely physically demanding.  When these guys hit the gym with their workout gloves, they’re likely focusing on big muscle group exercises like squats, deadlifts, lat pull downs, pushups and core body work.

Hot Mechanic Guys

Mechanics of any trade have to rely on their physical strength to perform their jobs well.  In addition their dexterity is crucial as well.  They rely on their fine motor skills (no pun intended) to do their job.

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The Workout Glove You Need

Rarely will you find a totally out of shape construction guy.  Sure they may still have a little more body fat than the shredded gymrat in the weight lifting room, but I guarantee they have tremendous strength.

Hot Construction Guys With Wood

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym throwing weights around to get a ripped bod like these guys.  Bodyweight exercises are just as effective when done with proper technique and form.  For example, the Chest Press workout you may do at the gym can be duplicated by doing pushups at home.  Not only will you build the muscles of the chest, but you’re gonna work the shoulder and back muscles as well.

Hot Construction Guys Showing Off

Want to build some massive biceps like these construction guys?  The good ‘ole pull up will help you do that.  Not only will you be blasting the biceps but you will be strengthening the huge lat muscles of the back.  Again, you’re getting more from doing less.  Use the dumbbell biceps curls at the gym to fine tune the work you’ve done with bodyweight exercises.

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