Get Rid Of Hand Calluses

How Do I Prevent Hand Calluses When Working Out?

Gym Hands are something most of us deal with if we consistently spend time working out every week. Constantly being in contact with hard rough sufaces like dumbbells or pull ups bars, the skin on our hands can get overly dry and rough.  Left untreated these calluses can actually break or tear open, leaving us exposed to millions of gross bacteria living in weight lifting rooms everywhere.  Here are a couple of tips to get rid of or prevent calluses when working out.

How Are Calluses Formed on Hands?

Callosity is the medical term for the condition that results in the development of calluses.  Excessive pressure and friction against the same areas causes our skin to thicken and harden.  This is the body’s natural adaptation and defense to the environment around us.  Our caveman ancestors developed hide like skin on their hands and feet.  This allowed them to navigate their environment with less injury.  In 2019 however we clearly don’t have the same environmental factors to deal with.  Working out in the gym is probably the only place your skin is subject to similar stress.

Do Workout Gloves Prevent Calluses?

The definitive answer is YES of course workout gloves prevent calluses.  The material of the glove acts as a barrier between your skin and the surface of the weight or bar you are grasping.

Tips To Avoid Gym Hands

When our team of Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers were designing and testing our original GymPaws workout gloves, we wanted a product that offered hand protection with the minimum amount of material and padding as possible. Unlike other gym grips or hand pads, GymPaws have 4 finger loops on the sweat proof backing which technically makes them a workout glove.

How Do You Get Rid of Calluses On Your Hands?

If your hands are currently the texture of elephant skin, not to worry there are a couple of things you can do to get rid of calluses on your hands.  These might not be the prettiest techniques that a manicurist might tell you.  I’ve spent 100’s of thousands of hours in gyms over the past decade and I can tell you the old tried and true methods work.

Strong Arm Gym Calluses Away

  1. Bust out that Dremel rotary power hand tool! With one of the fine grit sanding barrels, the low setting on your Dremel will sand away calluses in no time.  Don’t get over zealous however.  If you use a grit that is too rough or you sand too long, you will actually cause the callus to grow thicker.
  2. Buy a high quality scraper or clippers, and carefully snip away the top layer of skin.  Be very careful not to break the skin or you’ll be vulnerable to infection.
  3. A pumice stone can do wonders.  When you’re in the shower, make sure to allow the stone to soak up some water.  Never use a dry pumice stone to remove calluses.  Soap up your hands and scrub the callused area with the pumice stone until you feel the soft smooth skin appear.

Once you have your hands back to being soft and comfortable, always use a hand moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out. You can purchase any of these things relatively cheaply on Amazon, including GymPaws® Workout Gloves here  Also, you can use Paypal, Credit Card or your Amazon account to pay and purchase GymPaws right here on our secure website.

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