MindBody Connect App Review

Mindbody Connect App Review

MindBody Connect App Review

MINDBODY Connect App Review

The MINDBODY Connect App is software that provide users with convenience at their fingertips. Perfect for those interested in fitness, beauty, and health and wellness, the application is used on Android or Apple devices. By allowing users to interact with others using the app, it helps to encourage and motivate them to reach their workout or fitness goals. As a Personal Trainer or gym owner, you already know that a happy customer is a repeat customer!  It also has a decent interface that can be linked with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.  Clients can sign up for Crossfit classes, group fitness, or yoga sessions right on their phone!


The MINDBODY Connect App has some awesome report filters that are easy to manage and that are fairly robust.

For Consumers:  It allows you do not only book classes, but helps you get through the “red tape” of siging liability waivers and enrollment agreements.  That means that as soon as you get to the gym you’re ready to go!

For Businesses:  Not only can you keep in touch with clients but you can email them directly!  This is a great feature for smaller studios and gyms especially.  Are you a group instructor who has to cancel a class?  Notify you class members with virtually one touch. It also maintains a high-security profile for the user.


MIND BODY Connect App Review


This app connects the people in a workplace or any other place. With this app, employees can chat on the best ways to reduce stress like massage or a yoga class. The app also enables people for instance workers to stay updated. It also provides an incentive to employees. It is because they encourage healthy habits among members of a team.


  • The app can provide real-time updates on trending health and fitness topics.  Keep your clients healthy 24/7.
  • Like any smart phone fitness apps, it is highly versatile and can be used anywhere anytime.
  • Being user friendly is important.  It will only be an effective tool for your client management if they USE it!



  • From a consumer perspective, some clients have issues with security.  However ANY app clearly states that your information may be visible to the publisher.
  • Some users have said that the MINDBODY Software isn’t as easy to use as other fitness apps, but that’s a small majority.

Mindbody Connect App Review bottom line:  Whether you’re the gym owner, or the gym goer, fitness apps can help you stay on track with your goals.  Remember, the best fitness apps are those that you’re going to use!