Safe Gym Coronavirus Tips – Grip The Facts

REALITY CHECK – The gym is one of the dirtiest places you regularly visit. Following common sense Safe Gym Coronavirus Tips is key. For many Americans their daily workout is almost as routine as going to work.  Unfortunately all of us are feeling the wrath of ever changing rules and bans on public gatherings. If you live in an area where gyms are still open for business, train smart.

Safe Gym Coronavirus Tips For Working Out

Should I Go To The Gym

GymPaws are a real leather workout gym grip that was designed to be an alternative to traditional weightlifting gloves.  They are machine washable and you can even toss them in the dryer.  To optimize the life of the leather it’s a better idea to allow them to air dry between washings.

  1. Wash Your Hands and Wipe Down Equipment – Nearly every surface at the gym is covered with gross bacteria and sweat. From cardio machine handles to dumbbells and even the water fountain, it’s likely dozens or hundreds of people have sweat on it b4 the staff conducts their daily cleaning.   The CDC is advising us to wash our hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.  You should at least be wiping down surfaces you touch before and after using.
  2. Avoid Wet Areas such as Locker room and Sauna – This should be a no brainer but it’s worth repeating. Any common cold or virus spreads at lightening speed when there is higher moisture content in the air.  While you may feel like showering after weightlifting or finishing your Crossfit class, skip it.   This should be safe gym coronavirus tip numero uno!
  3. You Are What You Eat – You’ve heard this 100 times from your Personal Trainer because it’s true.  No fitness or gym routine is going to outdo the BigMac you had for lunch or the 6 pack of beer you downed the night before.  Avoid any juice bars or food counters in the gym because they are yet another ideal breeding ground for mischievous bacteria.
    Coronavirus Is Gym Open

Just workout smarter!  Remember no gym glove or weightlifting grip will protect you from coronavirus contamination unless it covers your ENTIRE hand.  This means something along the lines of a gardening or work glove. Grab a pair of GymPaws if you want an awesome hand pad that fits like a glove but doesn’t get in the way of the exercise your doing.

Lastly, practice social distancing if you’re still asking should I go to the gym?  Choose the elliptical machine or exercise bike that’s furthest away from others or hunker down in the corner of the free weight lifting room and pump out those biceps curls.