Get A New Grip For Gym

Get A New Grip For Gym

Get New Grips For Gym

Hopefully no one’s told you lately to “get a grip.” Usually that’s not the nicest thing to say to someone because you’re telling them to get their sh!t together!  When it comes to the gym, Crossfit box, or weight training room and someone says you need to get a grip they’re actually doing you a favor.  GymPaws® has some new products to help you get a new grip for gym!

Weightlifting Straps vs Grips

Weightlifting straps (or just lifting straps) are designed to ease some of the load of the weight you are lifting.  By transferring some of the stress to your wrist and forearm, you alleviate some of the tension required from the actual grip strength of your hands.  This is why power weight lifting guys can squat, snatch and press so much weight. Here’s a great video for you newbies on How To Use Weight Lifting Straps.

Weight lifting grips are a completely different fitness product all together.  Grips are meant to ease hand fatigue and reduce friction against your skin which can cause calluses, in addition to enhancing your performance. If you haven’t heard of GymPaws® before then it’s time for you to get a new grip at the gym!  Some Crossfit freaks, or gym rats will still argue that workout gloves or weightlifting grips or any hand pads for gym are not doing you any favors.  They could not be more wrong.

New Grip For Gym

GymPaws® Original Leather Weight Lifting Grips were designed by our team of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Fitness professionals, and athletes.  They are designed to enhance your performance in the gym or weight training room or crossfit box or wherever.

  1. They’re 100% Genuine Italian Cowhide Leather.  The Napa finish is a result of a vegetable oil tanning process which leaves the leather soft and supple.  Most new grips for the gym are made of cheap synthetic materials.
  2. Four finger loops keep these gym gloves alternatives in place.  If you’re doing pull ups for Crossfit, or barbell curls, or deadlifts, the last thing you want is for your spongey rubbery hand pad to fall or slip.
  3. The compact minalmilist design fits right in the palm of your hands.  No bulky gloves or excess materials to inhibit movement or cause you to get sweaty hands.

GymPaws® grips, gloves, straps, hooks and pads are one of the top rated and best selling gym gloves on Amazon for a reason… because they work.  We want you to try them, that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you buy your new grip for gym online!


New Grip For Gym

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