Black Friday Fitness

Black Friday Fitness – Stretch More Than A Dollar

Black Friday FitnessThe holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an online shopper or prefer to get your deals in person, most agree that Black Friday is the official start of the shopping season.  Whether you’re sitting at your computer or standing in check out lines on the Friday after Thanksgiving here are a couple of Black Friday Fitness tips to keep you in top form and ready to bounce on all those deals!

1. Hydrate

For most American’s Thanksgiving will consist of a day full of eating.  Salty snacks, a massive Thanksgiving dinner, and the alcoholic beverages that accompany the day’s celebrations are going to leave you dehydrated.  Make sure you’re drinking more than a few glasses of water before heading out on your shopping endeavors.  Water’s the best beverage to keep you hydrated and it will also help to make sure that Thanksgiving dinner is just visiting and not setting up shop!  Keeping a bottle of water handy can also help you feel full which means you’re less likely to be tossing down tons of empty calories.

2. Stretch

Millions of us are traveling to our Thanksgiving destination, and after hours or sometimes days of traveling the first thing we do is plop ourselves on the couch or maybe even right at the dinner table.  If you workout out regularly, the last thing you want to do is become completely sedentary for days on end.  Your muscles are used to being worked.  Stretching helps to circulate oxygen rich blood through the muscles which can help alleviate cramping and fatigue from a day of travel and feasting.

3.  Less is More

You don’t necessarily need to get in a full workout before you head out for a day (or night)  of shopping.  Black Friday fitness doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym.  A brisk walk around the block a few times is all you need to get your heart rate up and prep you to battle the mobs of holiday shoppers.  Just getting out of the house and being active for a little bit is also a great way to alleviate the stress and tensions that can sometimes build up from family holidays.

4. Don’t Shop Till You Drop

Bodies need rest.  Days of traveling, preparing meals, entertaining and socializing with family and friends can be exhausting.  Don’t let the Holiday spirit and cheery Christmas music trick you into thinking you can shop till you drop.  Pushing yourself past exhaustion can make you crabby and short tempered not to mention just plain stressed out.  A quick 20-30 minute nap will recharge your energy level and help you stay alert and focused.