V Shaped Abs – Two of the Best Exercises

V Shaped Abs – Two of the Best Exercises

Pics of guys with v shaped abs. What guy doesn’t want to have sexy v shaped abs?  While we all strive to have that six pack of sexy abs, the reality is that most people have a six-pack of beer around their midsection. It is simply false that one can loose fat in just one area of your body, so forget that old myth. When you loose weight, it comes off all over your body. I wouldn’t even recommend having an intense abdominal routine as a part of your workout until you have slimmed down and are relatively close to your goal. While you will build the abdominal muscle regardless, it will push your belly fat out further and give the illusion that you are not losing weight and seeing that will only mess with your mind.

Here are two exercises that everyone should include in their workouts regardless if you’re in the best shape of your life or on your way there. If you add these two exercises to your abs workout, you should hopefully be on your way to sexy v shaped abs!Best abs exercises for v shaped abs.

Abdominal Presses

This exercise will help to strengthen your abs and quads. To begin, lie flat on your back with your head comfortably on the ground (I would recommend using a mat or finding the cushioned floor of your gym). Lift your knees up so they are directly above your hips and let your feet dangle freely. Take your hands and place them on your quads and press as hard as you can for about 30 seconds while pulling your stomach down and driving your knees back towards your chest the entire time. Next, do one leg at a time for 30 seconds for each leg and that will total one set. Perform three sets of these in total.Pics of guys with v shaped abs

Butterfly Lifts

This little gem of an exercise will strengthen your stomach without a doubt. While lying flat on your back, you will bring your hands behind your head and make and X. Bring your feet together so they are touching and your knees are off to the sides. Lift and lower your upper body 30 times while keeping a distance of about the size of baseball between your chin and your chest. After you lift your upper body for the 30 times, hold if up and lift your lower body one inch 30 times. Then lift your upper and lower body simultaneously for a total of 75 butterfly lifts and you will definitely be feeling the burn!

Ab Exercise Videos for V Shaped Abs