#chasethepump definition

What Does #chasethempump Mean

#chasethepump definition

What does #chasethepump mean? There are thousands and thousands of fitness hashtags being used millions of times a day.  Some are pretty easy to figure out when you can effectively separate the words to make sense.  Some however are a little more challenging, and more still are just plain used wrong!  Here's a good definition of one of the most used fitness hashtags. 

What Is A Muscle Pump?

First of all, anytime you put a specific muscle group under resistance consistently over a small period of time you achieve a muscle pump, whether it appears visible or not.  As you train the muscle, oxygen rich blood and nutrients are flooded to the muscle under resistance to give it energy and support its efforts.  Think of when you floor the gas pedal in your car to speed past the meathead next to you on your way to the gym.  The engine immediately supplies fuel to the engine to help it perform and meet the demands placed upon it.  The muscle pump you get from bodybuilding or weightlifting is really no different.  If you're a fan of Crossfit WODs and you bust out a couple reps of pull ups followed by muscle ups or knees to elbows, your biceps will likely be bursting at the seems.

What does #chasethepump mean?

If you understand the "pump" part of this annoying fitness hashtag, then you've probably already put it together.  Chasethepump means you're chasing or going after the pump. If you were going to post something on Instagram before your workout, you might snap a pic of the best mens weight lifting gloves in your gym bag and post "Getting ready to #chasethepump" and then get encouraging words from perfect strangers who follow you as they sit on their couch watching the soaps they recorded from earlier that day.