Best Oblique Exercises – Hip Dip From The Knee

Best Oblique Exercises – Hip Dip From The Knee

Best Obliques Exercises

Exercise Video Demo:  I have yet to meet someone who works out who wouldn’t like to have 6 pack abs. More so than bulging biceps or a chiseled chest, those elusive Adonis Belt abs are the platinum “standard” that signifies a fit and sculpted physique.  You’d be hard pressed to find a fitness magazine that doesn’t have a shirtless cover model donning glistening abs.  The v shape on guys isn’t something that just happens for most of us.  You have to maintain a clean diet, a lean body fat percentage, and be strategic with your training.  Including the Best Oblique Exercises into your weightlifting routine can help you reach your goal, and the Hip Dip Exercise or a variation is a great option.

Best Oblique Exercises

The superlative “best” is subjective.  The “best” exercise for any muscle group is the one you’re doing with proper form.  The “best” way to increase definition or build muscle depends on how consistent you are with your workouts and how honest you are with your diet.  The obliques are no different than any other muscle group of the body when it comes to developing it.  You need to add resistance to challenge the muscle to grow and proper nutrition and rest to allow that process to happen.

You may have seen the most recent video from Personal Trainer Rodiney Santiago “Oblique Crunches with Plate.”  Both the oblique crunches with plate and cable are great ways to add resistance (weight) to the basic oblique crunch.  The Hip Dip exercise works the obliques and abs similarly, however it’s more of a bodyweight exercise.

Hip Dip Exercise From Knee

1.  You’ll be on the floor for this exercise so you may want to grab a gym mat.  Being the movement by assuming a plank position resting on your elbow. Don’t slouch! Make sure your spine is maintaining a neutral alignment.

2. Resting on your knees (versus a hip dip from feet), squeeze your glutes and abs before and during the full movement.

3. Inhale and lower your torso towards the floor. As you exhale, contract the obliques on the lowered side (effectively “crunching”) as you return to the starting position.  This completes one rep.

Hip Dip From The Knee Tips

–  Rather than switch from side to side after each set, complete your desired number of sets on a single side before switching to the other side.  This will help you to maintain your position and proper form as you start to fatigue.

–  Rest in between each set of reps no longer than it took you to complete the set.  If it takes you 1 minute to complete a set of 20 reps, then only rest one minute before busting out the second rep.  Use your phone to time yourself rather than swipe Tinder profiles!  Your goal is to fatigue the muscle if you want it to grow!