Gym Glove Reviews 2016

Gym Glove Reviews 2016

Gym Glove Reviews 2016

Congratulations!  If you’re one of the millions of people who have made a resolution to focus on fitness, you’re on your way to a healthier lifestyle!  In 2016 there are more options for gym gloves, crossfit gear, workout clothes and fitness gadgets than ever before.  While the purpose of these goodies it to get you motivated to get to the gym, they don’t do much for keeping you consistent with your weight training and exercise routines. Check out these Gym Gloves Reviews 2016 and even a couple of videos!  At GymPaws, we believe that if you workout SMARTER you’ll workout HARDER.

Gym Glove Reviews 2016

Okay so before you buy your gym gloves online there are a couple of things to think about aside from just reading through a couple of customer reviews.  You want a product that you’re going to use without even giving them a second thought. If they’re uncomfortable or fall apart, you’re not going to use them, and hand protection, calluses, or hand pain should NOT be an excuse to give up on your fitness or weightlifting goals.

1. What material are they made of?  Look for keywords like “synthetic,” “faux,” or “micro-fiber,” and if you see them, close your browser!  Too many gym / fitness manufactures cut costs by producing knock off products.  They don’t last and they’re not comfortable.

GymPaws products are made from 100% Genuine Top Grain Italian Leather.  With use, they conform to your grip, and become even more comfortable, not to mention they’ll outlast you!  While the cost is a bit greater on our end, we believe that a long lasting and quality product will help us get repeat customers.  Just read some of the gym glove reviews 2016 and you’ll see that there is a reason customers love GymPaws year after year!

2. How are you going to use them?  This seems like an no-brainer but you have to think about it.  Crossfit fans choose gloves that don’t let their hands get too sweaty and don’t inhibit movement.  That’s why our GymPaws Origiinal Leather Lifting Grips are one of the most popular crossfit hand protection choices.

Weightlifting fans sometimes don’t like the extra bulk that traditional half finger gloves cause, and they prefer weight lifting grips sometimes too!

Best Weightlifting Gloves Reviews

When you’re reading customer reviews be sure to look for SPECIFIC exercises and workouts that customers have used them for.  Too many gym and fitness manufacturers try to pay for Amazon reviews or the like and are the reason Amazon started filing lawsuits against them!

At GymPaws Inc we produce products for performance over profit!  Our team consists of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, and Bodybuilding Pros!

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