Gym Gloves with Grip

Best Gym Gloves for Grip

What does Grip MeanIf you’re into pumping iron in the weight room, or sweatin’ buckets during a crossfit workout, chances are at some time or another you’ve felt the frustration of a sloppy grip.  So what’s the solution?  There is a ton of workout gear options but what is the best gym gloves for grip?  Let’s first understand what “grip” is and what you can do to improve your grip and get the most from your next workout.

Definition of Grip:

1. It can be a measure of Force.  Think of doing a basic Bicep Curl and holding the dumbbell in your hand.  The “grip” is the strength or force of your hand and forearm muscles to make a fist and hold that weight.  Many exercises can help you increase the strength of these muscle, and ultimately your grip.

2. It can be a description of a Surface.  Using that same dumbbell example, if you notice the metal handle of the dumbbell is probably textured.  This is to increase friction and the “grip” of the metal against your hand.  At it’s most basic level, it is a safety feature designed to keep the weight from slipping out of your hands.  Unfortunately it is this precise friction against the skin that causes calluses.

Best Gym Gloves For GripGym Gloves with Grip

Material:  Look for something that’s made from Genuine Leather.  It is by far the most durable material for gym gear.  Want proof?  Look no further than your own gym shoes!  People are attracted to spongy rubbery lifting grips because they feel tacky and seem to have a non slip surface.  They will tear apart after a couple of uses because the bar or weight is supposed to rotate naturally in your hands, not stick to them.

Construction:  You may be more comfortable wearing a full traditional gym glove.  These generally have a half finger design and a closure at the wrist.  While they are very versatile and popular, if you’ve ever worn them during a sweaty workout, you know that they can get pretty uncomfortable.  Another option to full workout gloves are lifting grips.  These are usually small pads of material that fit right in the palm of you hands.  These serve to protect the pressure points on the palms of your hands where you hold the weight or in the case of body weight exercises, the pressure point on the hand.

At the end of the day, there is no one stop shop so to speak for you to find the best gym gloves for grip.  It’s a combination of the strength of your hands and arm muscles, the construction of the gear that you’re using, and the exercises you’re doing.