Find Your Workout Swolemate

Find Your Workout Swolemate

Getting to the gym or Crossfit box might be easy enough, but it's what you do with your time once you're there that really matters! Countless studies have shown that having a swolemate or workout buddy so to speak can increase your odds of achieving your goal significantly.  So what do you need to do to find your workout swolemate?

Find Your Workout Swolemate

For those of you who don't know, let's review the definition of swolemate. Basically it is a slang term that refers to a workout buddy or someone that you go to the gym with. Obviously it's a play on the word soulmate. 

find your workout swolemate at the gym

A recent 2017 study by the University of Alabama found that people are 3 times more likely to stick to a workout routine or go to the gym when they have another person or partner to hold them accountable. This isn't anything new however, there are numerous findings that confirm this. It makes sense.  If you've ever had a swolemate you know that if you're having a bad day or feel unmotivated at the gym, you're probably not going to bail because you want your partner to still get their workout in.  It's easy to go to the gym or Crossfit box and waste half your time texting on your phone or distracting yourself. 

Swolemate Definition and Meaning

So the question remains, how to find your workout swolemate.  This is interesting.  We've all seen the annoying social butterfly at the gym.  You know the person that seems to be chatting away more than they are sweating.  They probably are NOT the ideal person to strike up a conversation with. One of the easiest way is to maybe ask someone how to do an exercise that you've seen them do.  People are always flattered when they feel that they can help someone out. Maybe they have a cool pair of GymPaws workout gloves on.  You'd be surprised how many customers tell us that people have come up to them in the gym to ask where or what they are using! voted our original leather workout grips as the 2017 Best Workout Gloves because of their cool design. They fit compactly in the palm of your hands right where you need protection, and the four finger loops keep them in place. You can buy them here on the website using your Amazon account at checkout or Paypal or any major credit card. You can also find our full line of workout stuff on Amazon here

Stick to your 2017 workout goals and find yourself a swolemate and before you know it you'll have a slamming body and a new gym friend!