Gym Hand Pads by GymPaws

Gym Hand Pads – Why Leather Is Better

Gym Hand Pads by GymPawsRough dry callused hands do not have to be a byproduct of working out despite what some muscle head gymrats may have to say!  A good pair of Gym Hand Pads can mean the difference between giving up and going home or busting out the last couple of reps during your workout!

Gym Hand Pads

There are lots of different options when it comes to hand protection for the gym.  We’re already assuming that you don’t want a pair of traditional half finger gym gloves so what other options do you have?

GymPaws® are the only lifting grips or gym hand pads that are made from actual leather.  Other cheap knock offs are made from spongy rubber material or synthetic (fake) fibers.  You wouldn’t buy a pair of rubber gym shoes or running shoes made from fabric, so why would you buy hand protection made from anything less?

Gym Hand Pads by GymPaws

The Perfect Fitness Gift Idea

Got a bonefide gym fanatic on your shopping list?  A pair of GymPaws® are the perfect gift idea for someone who works out!  At under $20 and a no questions asked returned policy you can’t go wrong!

GymPaws® Gym Hand Pads are:

– Made from Genuine Leather that can be machine washed and dried

– Use Neoprene material for the backing and finger loops.  Neoprene is naturally hydrophobic (moisture resistant)

– Unisex for men or women

– Great as Crossfit Gloves, Weight Lifting Gloves or even Gloves for Pull Ups

– Top Rated for a reason!  We don’t make crappy sub par products!