Barehand vs Gym Gloves Reviews

Barehand vs Traditional Gym Gloves

Barehand vs Gym Gloves Reviews

There's a reason why it's called a workout, it takes work.  Not only are you challenging your cardiovascular endurance and stamina, but your demanding extreme muscular performance as well.  Unless you're doing lower body exercises, your hands are the most valuable tool for your workout routine.  Do you use hand protection?  Here are some differing opinions about working out barehand vs traditional gym gloves.  The reviews are real, and our personal trainers sort through the best and the rest. 

Barehand vs Traditional Gym Gloves Reviews

Working out barehand is probably just as common as using some sort of gloves or hand pads, but is there any advantage?  We surveyed 1,000's of customers over the years and 85% of them told us that when they use hand protection during their routine they tend to have a more intense workout.  Reading all the gym gloves reviews I would tend to agree.  Regardless of what muscle group you're working, by reducing the amount of pressure placed on the hands you reduce hand fatigue.  This means that your grip isn't going to tire out before you exhaust the muscle group you're training. 

Barehand vs GymPaws Gym Gloves

Barehand vs traditional gym gloves reviews vary just about as much as the people who use them.  Especially if you're looking to buy gym gloves online, it's important to read the reviews and look for a couple of things:

What exercises is the user using them for.  If the review says things like "they're comfortable" or "I like the color" you can disregard it because it's likely that person hasn't even moved their butt off the couch in a week. 

  1. Keywords like "Crossfit" "Knees To Elbows" Deadlifts, pull ups etc will tell you that the person who wrote the review isn't going barehand, and they are actually using their gym gloves to (gasp) workout!
  2. Keep in mind that GymPaws® are the Original Leather Weightlifting Grips and they have 4 finger loops which means that they fit like a glove without having all that excess bulk and material that can cause your hands to sweat and sometimes even reduce your grip!

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