Nike Alpha Training Grip Gym Gloves

Nike Alpha Training Grip Gym Gloves

Nike Alpha Training Grip Reviews - Crossfit Gloves

One of my personal training clients was asking me about gym gloves and crossfit gloves today and of course I had to give him my honest opinion.  Yes I write for the GymPaws Gym Gloves Fitness Blog, but I’m not beholden to any specific brand.  For me, when it comes to workout gloves or training apparel, I prefer those brands and products that get the job done, not what is the most popular or all the rage at the moment.

Nike Alpha Training Grip and Gym Glove

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1.  First of all you’ll notice that this weight lifting grip looks like a simple shower shoe or sandal that you might wear at the gym.  That’s because that’s basically what it is… but fashioned into hand protection.  For serious weightlifting or even for basic crossfit hand protection, you need something that stays in place when you’re using it.

2. The GymPaws weight lifting grip is made with 4 finger loops for a reason… because your lifting gloves should stay in place for whatever type of workout you’re doing in the gym!  Sure these little hand slides like the nike alpha training grip LOOK like they’d be super convenient to put on… which they are, however having them STAY on is a whole ‘nother story!

Workout Smarter AND Harder with Proper Gym Gloves

Check out this Battling Ropes workout video that my fellow personal trainer Rodiney Santiago did recently.  THIS is a great example of hand protection that can be used for any type of exercise in the gym or fitness activity outside the gym!  If you look closely you’ll see that he’s wearing the Brazil Flag Leather Weight Lifting Grips / Gym Gloves by GymPaws®.

What Are The Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Pull Ups

1. Leather is the most durable material for crossfit gloves, gym gloves or whatever you want to call them.  Think about it… there’s a reason why your GYM shoes are made of leather.

2. These lifting grips STAY IN PLACE.  The stretchy neoprene material fits to your fingers so you don’t have to worry about pulling them on and off, or even worse… having them fall off during your workout.

3. Of course full finger gym gloves are also an alternative to the Nike Alpha Training Grip or the GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips.  Check out gloves that have a good combo of leather or suede along with a ventilator mesh fabric for optimize breath-ability.  Something like The V02 Max Gym Glove could be a good option for men or women!