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GymPaws Grip Pads For Weightlifting

Grip Pads for Weight Lifting - GymPawsLadies listen up… are you a beauty or a beast in the gym?  It’s safe to say that the majority of women that hit the gym are NOT going there for the weight lifting room.  They’re most likely strapping themselves to a torturous piece of cardio equipment for 30 mins to an hour in an effort to drop a few pounds.  For years I’ve been trying to tell the ladies that they’d achieve their weight loss results so much faster if they focused more of their efforts in the weight room… and using some grip pads for weightlifting isn’t going to hurt!

1. Anti-aging.  Forget about the bottles of celeb endorsed swill promising to reverse the signs of aging.  Get your butt in the weight room! Exercise is one of the best things you can do to combat the effects of aging.  Weightlifting will help you to replace lost muscle tone that occurs naturally as you get older.  Aside from that your body releases hormones that enhance the immune system.  Want to bitch slap those free radicals that are making your skin look like a pair of leather lifting grips?  Hit the weights!¹

2. Anti-depression ♠ Anti-anxiety.  Endorphins are often called the happy hormones.  If you’ve ever heard of the runner’s high that’s what people are referring to. Ironically while you CAN feel this natural high from doing cardio on a machine… it’s far less likely that you’re exerting yourself at a high enough intensity level.  Grab your grip pads for weightlifting and make a right turn into the free weight room and get your workout on.  And forget about lifting those 3 lb dumbbells… you need to be sweating and exerting yourself. There is no better natural anti depressant or anti anxiety remedy than the endorphins that are going to be racing through your blood!

Grip Pads for Weightlifting

A:  Do you really need weight lifting gloves for working out?

Q:  It really is a personal preference.  Having said that, you should understand that developing calluses is NOT an indication of your level of fitness as some meatheads may exclaim.  In reality it is a medical condition called Callousity.  Your body will naturally develop thick skin pads in response to excessive and repeated pressure and friction.  Eliminate the friction… eliminate the gross calluses.

¹Parr, Brian B. Ph.D. (2009) “Hormonal Responses To Exercise”