lifestyle changes to lose weight

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

lifestyle changes to lose weight gympaws workout glovesHave you ever lost 10 or more pounds only to gain it all back?  Most American’s have suffered from yo yo dieting at one point or another.  The problem is you probably resorted back to your old eating habits and the weight came back faster than it came off!  There lies the problem my friend!  But basic lifestyle changes to lose weight and simple food ‘swaps” can save you hundreds of calories in one sitting, which will help you keep off (or aid in loosing) 10, 20, to 30 pounds over a years time. Eating healthy does not need to be such a hard thing to do. Small changes in your daily routine can be huge gains in your health and fitness regime and you can avoid all calorie counting.

1.  First and foremost, never skip breakfast! We all have crazy mornings but essentially you are breaking the fast from your rest and your body needs its re-nourishment. Some people think that by skipping breakfast they consume fewer calories that will help them weigh less; it does not work that way. By starting the day off right your helping to eliminate your cravings that will strike later in the day (which are unavoidable) by making smarter choices.

2.  Snack smartly as there is a difference between munching on potato chips and consuming some almonds. You need to enforce good habits that will keep your metabolism up and fill your gaps between meals with good nutrients. Try munching on triscuits, almonds, yogurts and apples.  Lifestyle changes to lose weight must be your mantra throughout the day!

3.  Be conscious of your portion sizes during consumption. Portion sizes have increased greatly over the past 50 years and are only going to continue down that path. A way to help prevent you from over serving yourself is to buy smaller cups and bowls!

4.  Not only do you need to watch what you eat, but also you need to keep in mind of what you are drinking. Most people consume astronomical amounts of calories from beverages without even noticing it. Remember that water is what you should be downing through ought most of the day! Be conscious of the juices and chemically infused sodas you can purchase and of course those high caloric frappichinos! Coffee is okay, just keep it basic and in small doses.

5.  Eat more whole foods that have less chemicals and ingredients in their nutritional values. The smaller the ingredient list, the healthier the food is. Be conscious of fats, sodium, and soy! While there is over 3,000 ingredients considered safe to eat by the FDA, the more natural and whole a food is the better.

By following smart lifestyle changes to lose weight, you can avoid the yo  yo dieting doldrums for good!