Matt Harmon | Personal Trainer Cary IL

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Matt Harmon – Personal Trainer Cary IL

Matt Harmon – Personal Trainer Cary IL
chicago personal trainer, personal training chicagoChicago Area Personal Trainer Matt Harmon of Harmon Performance Training is a former athlete with an extensive personal training and sports specific training background.  In addition to his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology and a minor in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, he holds numerous National Certifications and is a Performance Enhancement Specialist and a Corrective Exercise Specialist.  Matt is also certified in Speed and Agility Training and is a Certified Coach for USA Football.  Matt has been Personal Training and Coaching for over 25 years.  His extensive experience and passion for Health and Fitness have established him as one of the most sought after Chicago Area Personal Trainers.
Matt and his wife Kellyann own Harmon Performance Training in Cary, Illinois and their success is due in part to their customized approach with each and every client and athlete they work with.  Each client benefits from an intensive evaluation which can even include "beginning" photos to serve as a benchmark with which to measure progress against.  Together Matt and his team help clients determine the aggressiveness of their training strategy while also keeping program expectations at a reasonable level. The goal at Harmon Performance Training is to take a holistic approach to training, combining the specific bio-mechanical needs of each individual with on-field work and life coaching support. "We believe in results through the proper progression of exercise in full body exercises not just full body workouts."

Personal Trainer Cary IL - Harmon Performance Training

Services we provide: Group Fitness and Kick-box Training Post injury Management Training Sport Specific Team Training Performance Enhancement Training Sports Psychology Coaching Corrective Exercise Home Based Programs

Matt Harmon of Harmon Performance Training has over 25 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and Sports Specific Performance Specialist.  If you're in the Chicago Area (Cary, IL) contact Matt or his team to discuss you're specific goals and a strategy to achieve them!

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