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Edgar Franco – A Man With A Mission

Los Angeles Personal TrainerFrom the smoldering rainforests of Peru to the sultry beaches of Southern California, Los Angeles Personal Trainer Edgar Franco has been a man with a mission on both sides of the Equator!  As a competitive bodybuilder and physique model Edgar uses his knowledge and experience to help clients of all fitness levels reach their goals.

Edgar Franco Background

Growing up in Iquitos, Peru Edgar wasn’t exposed to a lot of positive health and fitness influences as a kid.  It wasn’t until his college years when he was a top ranked Volleyball Player that he realized his passion for making healthy lifestyle choices. Upon moving to the United States to further his education, he became involved in the world of Bodybuilding almost by accident.

Like many of us, Edgar struggled with body image issues and maintaining consistency when it came to his body composition and fitness level.

An injury from playing volleyball or at the gym would sideline me.When I couldn’t workout or be active because of an injury, I would get depressed and resort back to my bad habits of being an emotional eater and that would undo all of the work I had put in at the gym.

Out of curiosity he grabbed a copy of “The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding,” and read it from cover to cover in a week!  “I realized that there was so much about working out and Bodybuilding that I didn’t know, and I was hooked!”  Rather than try put these new found training techniques to practice by himself, he decided to hire an expert personal trainer to become his coach and trainer.  Through this process he transformed his physique as well as his mindset and perception of health and fitness. It gave him the self-confidence to take his journey to the next level.

He Shoots… He Scores!

His coach encouraged him to check out a local bodybuilding competition which inspired Edgar to sign up and compete himself.   After just a few short months of serious training and mastering his diet, Edgar found himself on the stage of the National Physique Committee (NPC) competition.  In his very first show he won the “Novice Lightweight Division” and placed 3rd in the “Open Middleweight Class.”

This experience inspired Edgar to turn his passion for Fitness and Bodybuilding into a career and he obtained his NASM Personal Training Certification (National Academy of Sports Medicine).  He began working one on one with clients and using his personal experiences to inspire them to achieve their goals.

Los Angeles Personal Trainer Edgar Franco

Edgar plans on competing in two major Bodybuilding Competitions in 2015.  When he’s not in the gym sculpting his physique he enjoys watching tennis and gymnastics as well as playing Chess.  His clients will tell you that fitness and lifestyle coaching comes very natural for him.  He believes that to achieve your fitness goals you must have a health balance between mind, body, and spirit.  Although he trains clients at every level of fitness, those that are interested in taking their workouts (and physiques) to the next level will definitely benefit from working with a competitive bodybuilder who himself is striving to reach goals.

The Best Personal Training Tip Ever

I asked Edgar what is the absolute most important bit of advice he shares with his clients.  I kind of expected to hear him answer with something cliche like “go hard or go home” or “sweat is fat crying,” but he responded with one word.  “Patience.”

Our bodies don’t change in a day or a week, or sometimes even a month,” he explains.  You are what you do consistently.