Spartan Grip Reviews

Spartan Grip Review

Spartan Grip ReviewKnowing that I’m a strong proponent of using hand protection when working out, my clients will often introduce me to new products for my opinion and feedback.  I came across this new product called Spartan Grip and thought I’d share my insight, so here’s my Spartan Grip Review.

There’s tons of products on the market that target “CrossFit athletes” and those who like similar HIIT (high intensity interval training) types of workouts.  They’ve almost become as numerous as CrossFit boxes themselves.

I remember back in the day when Social Media became the hot online marketing trend of the moment.  One of my co-workers sent me an article published by the satirical website The Onion and the title read “There are Officially More Social Media Experts than iPhone Users.”  It was of course a tongue in cheek spotlight on the fact that whenever a new trend hits popular culture, there are a plethora of people who try to seize the opportunity to sell themselves as experts.  Often times they try to re-brand their products to try to capitalize on the popularity as well. The popularity of CrossFit® has spawned a bumper-crop of such products claiming to give you an edge with your WOD or suggest they were designed with you in mind.  These products are designed with you in mind, but it’s not your workouts they’re targeting, it’s your money.Spartan Grip Reviews

Do you need Hand Protection for Workouts?

In my opinion, yes.  Dry calloused hands are NOT a badge of honor, they’re a testament to stupidity.

If your workout routine involved running around your city barefoot, would you boast about the bleeding, calloused, torn up feet that resulted? Of course not.

If you did, you’d be called an idiot for not wearing shoes!  Yet for some reason people think it’s somehow a testament to how hard they pushed themselves in their latest workout.  It’s stupid.

Callosity is a medical term and condition.  Look it up.  It is your body’s natural defense to excessive pressure and friction against the skin.  The skin becomes thick and hard and dry.  It is in no way indicative of your level of fitness or your perceived level of exertion during a workout.  So back to the product review…

Spartan Grip Review

What is it?  The Spartan Grip is “liquid hand protection” that was designed for (you guessed it) CrossFit enthusiasts.  The concept is simple actually, the liquid acts much the same as weightlifting chalk does by absorbing moisture and giving your skin a bit more tactile grip. The advantage this product claims to have is that it doesn’t dry your hands out like weightlifting chalk does.

Does it work?  I don’t think it offers very much hand protection at all.  I’ve read some of the customer testimonials and I’m not second guessing the quality of the product, I’m just questioning the necessity of the product.  It left my hands feeling a bit sticky and dirty.  Kinda like when you put gel in your hair and don’t wash your hands after.

While these liquid products may help your skin to maintain it’s natural oils better than chalk does, they don’t address the cause of the callouses in the first place – excess pressure and friction.

This Spartan Grip Review gets 2 out of 5 stars. If you want to try it out for yourself you can purchase via their website (link opens in new window)