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GymPaws Gym Glove ReviewsI am definitely a backpack geek. From kindergarten through college I always preferred a backpack for school versus carrying around a dufflebag. It just seems easier to toss it on your back versus carrying around a bag, and as an adult I still use a backpack almost everyday.  I have a backpack for the gym and another one for work. That’s the problem.

The other day my friend gave me this Plemo Backpack and it’s probably the most useful gift I’ve ever been given.  I thought I’d write a Plemo Backpack Review and tell y’all why I’m in love with it!

It seems like most backpacks that are designed for the gym or sport, don’t have the extra little nooks and cranny’s that laptop backpacks have.  On the flip side, most laptop backpacks are way too compartmentalized and restrictive to be used as a gym bag.  This is the first backpack that I’ve tried that serves the purpose of both a gym backpack AND a work / laptop backpack!

Plemo Backpack Review

When used as Laptop Backpack

When used as Gym Backpack

Plemo Laptop Backpack

1. As a Laptop Backpack it fits laptops up to 15.6 inches with a very nicely padded front and back pouch.  The extra strap as a closure is a nice touch that a lot of bags I’ve tried don’t have. This helps to keep the laptop snug and out of the way.

2. Lots of people that use backpacks for work are commuters.  They’re usually on foot or on a bike and they need something that has a place for all their gadgets.  Personally, I like to bike everywhere I can so the dedicated iPod / cell phone pocket is INSANELY cool!

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Your cell phone or music player stays safely zipped in the special main compartment with a little opening through which you can put your headphones!  If want your phone to be more accessible, you can use the alternate mesh pocket on the strap.

3. The inside front pocket unzips and has dedicated pockets for pens, a wallet, and even a clip holder for your keys!  Again, this is a cool little feature that proved to be so useful.  No more rifling through your back to find your keys.

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Gym Backpack

1. Without your laptop in it (obviously) the main pocket is roomy enough to hold all your gym gear.  I was able to fit my toiletries bag, gym shoes, a change of clothes, and of course my GymPaws® Lifting Grips 😉  There’s not as much space as a traditional gym backpack, but it was enough nonetheless.

2. This is my favorite part of the bag (and my Plemo Backpack Review)… the HIDDEN mesh pouch that pulls out for added storage!  If you do Crossfit or sweat like a pig at the gym like I do, you know that at the end of your workout you end up with a pile of nasty, sweaty gym clothes.  Instead of putting them in your new gym bag and having all that grossness absorbed into the bag, just unzip the hidden pouch at the bottom of the bag and use it to store your sweaty clothes!

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3. The last feature I want to mention that I love (there are too many to mention) is the specially designed airflow backing and straps.  If you tend to sweat a lot (as I do) this is a welcome feature because when to take your backpack off, you aren’t left with a big ‘ole sweat mark on the back of your shirt!

The Plemo Backpack is sold exclusively on Amazon right now for $49.99.  Get a pair of GymPaws® and a Plemo Backpack to make the PERFECT gift idea for someone who works out.

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