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Total Gym Reviews QVC – What You Need To Know Before You Buy Total Gym Reviews

How exercise & fitness equipment or strength training equipment is a multi-million dollar a year industry.  One of the most popular is Total Gym XLS system, formerly know as Gravity Fitness. This isn't the easiest equipment to buy online but our Total Gym Reviews QVC overview should make things a little less complicated. 

Total Gym Specs

Commercial variations will cost upwards of $2000.  Anyone can buy them, but they're intended for high usage thus you usually only find them in gyms of fitness centers.  Home versions are much more affordable, which is why you find them on home shopping websites and shopping channels like QVC. 

Forget about going to the Total Gym website, unless you want to deal with redirected pages and pop ups trying to get you to sign up for their online personal training programs. 

The XLS is 19" wide by 7 1/2 feet long by and about 3 1/3 feet high when it's fully opened.  Before you go out to buy one on QVC or Amazon, keep in mind that you'll need more space than the 19" wide dimension to do legitimate exercises.  We'd recommend you allow yourself about 3 to 4 feet of space on either side of the machine to use it effectively. 

The capacity of this home gym equipment isn't limited when it comes to weightlifting. With a maximum weight load of 400 pounds even the most seasoned bodybuilding pro could get a good workout in. 

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Total Gym Reviews QVC

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Here's some advice before you decide to buy your home exercise equipment:  if you don't use it, it won't work.  The reason the average home exercise and fitness consumer has an average of 3 pieces of equipment, is because they don't commit to using it.  They therefore may have a negative opinion of the product.  Just like when people buy the best gym gloves GymPaws.  If you don't use them, then you wasted your money!  You can sit and read through thousands of Total Gym Reviews QVC or you can get up off your butt and exercise.  Just do it already!