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Fresh Balls Review – No More Balmy Berries!

Fresh Balls Review - Weight Lifting GlovesOf course there are health benefits to weight lifting and going to the gym, but when it comes down to it most guys workout to look good. Outside the gym, male grooming and “manscaping” has become an expectation verses an exception to the rule!  I’m always looking for new and interesting products to try, and when I came across “Fresh Balls” I was intrigued… if for no other reason than it was a frickin hilarious name!  I was surprised to find it’s actually a legit and pretty cool product!  Here’s my Fresh Balls Review.

Keepin’ The Twig and Berries Cool

I personally don’t have a tacklebox full of skincare or grooming products.  After a hard workout I’m good with a hot shower and a quick swipe of lotion and I’m good to go. The less crap I need to carry around in my gym bag the better.  I have my GymPaws® Lifting Grips, a good SPF face moisturizer, body lotion, deodorant, and a hair product or two and that’s about it.  I never really thought I needed a product to keep the family jewels fresh and clean.  I’ve used powders before but I really don’t like ’em because they all just seem to be more effort (and mess) than their worth.  Not only does powder get all over everything (including my clothes), when I do use it I feel like I’m walking around the rest of the day with a pouch full of cake batter in my pants!

Fresh Balls Review

While I originally thought this would be a novelty product I’d try once and toss away, I think Fresh Balls just might become a staple in my gym bag!  It’s a weird little concoction that goes on like a cream and “dries” into a Fresh Balls Review - Where to buypowder. Not that I go around all day feelin’ myself up, but I gotta say I really like the way this stuff feels even after a few hours.

Fresh Balls is paraben free and talc free.

I’m not a skincare fanatic, but I do know that parabens are preservatives that are used in a lot of cosmetic and skincare products and it’s thought parabens are linked to cancer.  You’ll find a lot of products advertising the fact that they are “paraben free” for this reason.  Talc is a mineral and by nature it is moisture resistant, which is why you find it in a lot of powders and cosmetics.  The problem is that it can actually irritate the skin with some people and it’s suggested that talc can be harmful to the respiratory system as well.  If I’m buying a product to keep my baby factory in tip top shape, I’m certainly not taking any risks!
freshballs review
I’ll end my Fresh Balls review with this… it’s affordable (only about $20 on Amazon for two bottles) and it works!  It’s got a really subtle, clean scent (not medicated smelling), and it leaves you with a comfortable and smooth feeling. Especially after some beanbag grooming it’s a great “after shave” to cool down the boys and keep em high and dry for the rest of the day!