Weight Lifting Gloves Review Video

Weight Lifting Gloves Review Video

What are the best weight lifting gloves to use for working out?  Honestly, that all depends on they type of workout you’re doing.  You need something that’s durable but doesn’t inhibit movement or make your hands hotter and sweatier than they already are.  Check out this weight lifting gloves review video of GymPaws and decide for yourself!

Weight Lifting Gloves Review

Every weightlifting gloves manufacturer is going to show you video reviews that they feel represent their produce in the best light.  There are just as many options for weight lifting gloves as their are exercises you can do in the gym.  So what’s the best and what should you be looking for?

1. Material.  This makes all the difference.  Lot’s of gym gloves are made from fabric or micro-suede materials.  Why?  Because they are the cheapest to produce.

67% of people with a gym membership will never use them.  Gym gloves manufacturers who produce cheap products are counting on this!¹

2. Function.  Look for a weight lifting gloves review that tells you what the reviewer actually used them for. The term “gym gloves” is pretty generic, and people tend to label them based on the workouts they use them for. People who are into CrossFit workouts will call ’em CrossFit Gloves, bodybuilders will call them bodybuilding gloves and so on.  A glove that’s great for pumping iron and weight lifting in the gym might be too restrictive for a CrossFit #wod where you’re doing lots of pull ups or bodyweight exercises.

More about GymPaws® Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight Lifting Gloves Review

I.  The Leather Palm is slightly padded and designed to fit right in the palm of your hands – where you need protection from the friction of the weight or bar.

II.  The 4 Finger loop backing is made from Hydrophobic (moisture resistant) Neoprene material.  Not only will it wick away sweat, but the 4 finger loops will make it feel like you’re wearing a full glove!

III.  You don’t any other gloves!  If you’re sweating it out in a Crossfit class one day, you’ll love how they don’t get in the way (or sweaty) from doing your Knees To Elbows, Deadlifts or Clean and Jerks.  Wear ’em the next day for your lifting workout in the gym and notice how many more biceps curls or chest presses you can pound out because you’re hands aren’t getting torn up!

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Weight Lifting Gloves Review

¹Harden, S.(07/13/14), Statistic Brain Research Institute, “Gym Membership Statistics.”

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