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Swolemate Gift Ideas

Swolemate Gift Ideas

You sweat together, swap stories, and spend hours with each other every week working out.  You may not be bff’s but you’re more than just acquaintances.  That’s pretty much the definition of swolemate! So what do you get this person to show your appreciation for their motivation?  GymPaws has some Swolemate Gift Ideas you’ll like.

Find Your Swolemate

Obviously we’re talking about getting a pair of GymPaws® gym gloves.  When it comes to swolemate gift ideas, we can’t think of anything more appropriate.  We even have Swolemate® Gloves!

How To Buy Gym Gloves


Workout and lifting gloves are pretty much standard sizing.  If you’d wear a pair of large winter gloves, that’s probably your size for gym gloves.  Most weight lifting grips are unisex in size (as are GymPaws Grip Pads), and the best gym gloves will come in men’s and women’s sizing.

Swole Mate Gift Ideas


If you’re buying gym gloves online, keep in mind that 95% of the options out there are knock offs and / or synthetic materials.  Few manufacturers that make exercise and fitness gear really put attention into the quality of the products.  Just as fitness centers count on the fact that you’re not going to use your gym membership regularly, sub-par fitness manufacturers plan on you forgetting about your workout routine after a couple of weeks.

Hot Swolemate Guys



Not only are all GymPaws products made from 100% Genuine Top Grain Cowhide Leather, we also use Military-grade Neoprene and tensile strength thread with double stitching.  We WANT your grip pads to last!

We also are not some faceless manufacturer.  We like to say that we make products for performance over profit.  When you’re looking for swolemate gift ideas, just know that the GymPaws Inc team is comprised of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, and athletes.  We make products that will make your workout better!

Whether your swole mate is a guy or a girl, a man or a women, a love interest or a platonic workout buddy, they are an important person in your life!  They’re the one who provides you motivation to get to the gym, and maybe even a bit of fitness inspiration.  They help to keep you fit and healthy and to reach your goals.  Let them know you appreciate it!