gift for someone who works out

Fitness Gift Ideas Under $25 | GymPaws® Lifting Grips

Fitness Gift Ideas Under $25We all have one of those people in our circle of friends… if they’re not at work or sleeping, they’re probably at the gym working out.  Whether they’re a gymrat, meathead, cardio queen, or weekend warrior, GymPaws® Lifting Grips are one of the best Fitness Gift Ideas Under $25!

Lot’s of people who go to the gym regularly don’t even think about wearing a pair of workout gloves.  They can be bulky, sweaty, and hot.  Not to mention they look pretty dorky.  The alternative of not using some sort of hand protection are dry calloused hands. GymPaws® LIfting Grips are the solution!

Workout your Body, not your Hands!™

Fitness Gift Ideas Under $25

Gift for someone who works outReal Leather – The front of GymPaws® LIfting Grips are made from 100% Real Cowhide Leather.  That means they’re super durable.  Lifting grips made from rubber or synthetic micro-fiber don’t last, much less offer any real protection.

Compact Design – They fit right in the palm of your hands.  No excess material to get in the way, and no bulky glove to make your hands sweat more than you do!

4 Finger Loops – These lifting grips actually fit like a glove thanks to the four finger loop backing.  They’ll stay in place, and there’s no need to keep taking them on and off.

Hydrophobic – That’s a big word that just means moisture resistant.  The Neoprene backing naturally repels moisture and wicks away sweat.  It’s the same material that scuba diving suits are made from. You can toss GymPaws® LIfting Grips right in the wash machine and dryer along with your sweaty gym clothes!

Who Uses GymPaws® Lifting Grips?

CrossFit fans and athletes love using GymPaws because they don’t inhibit movement or get in the way. Anyone who does bootcamp workouts, circuit training, or HIIT will appreciate that they can still protect their hands without having to wear a full glove. They’re awesome for everything from pull ups to kettlebells.

Guys and girls into weight lifting, bodybuilding, and strength training. Improving your grip on the weights helps you get the most out of your lift.  The slightly padded palm eases hand fatigue and pressure which may just help you pump out a few more reps!

They look cool!  Fitness gift ideas under $25 don’t have to look cheap!  GymPaws® Lifting Grips come in a vaariety of colors and designs to fit anyone’s personality.

Free Shipping is always available on the GymPaws® website.  You can even checkout with your PayPal or Amazon account – or just use any major credit card!

gift for someone who works out