the perfect gift for the gymrat on your list

Gift For Someone Who Likes to Workout

the perfect gift for the gymrat on your listGymPaws® are the perfect gift for someone who likes to workout!

Anyone who hits the gym whether they’re a serious gymrat or weekend warrior will appreciate a cool ‘lil fitness accessory that may make their workouts a little more enjoyable and efficient! At under $20 with Free Shipping you can’t go wrong!

Fitness Gift Ideas

My client and I were talking just last week about her son that is off to college in a couple of weeks.  We were talking about some gift ideas that he may like.  Being that he was on his high school varsity football team, I figured he liked to workout and hit the gym, so I suggested a pair of GymPaws®.  Mom didn’t know if he liked to wear workout gloves or not, and I explained to her that that’s the beauty of a pair of lifting grips.

Most people who don’t wear workout gloves, don’t like them because they can be big and bulky.

GymPaws® Leather Lifting Grips fit in the palm of your hands right where you need protection against callous causing friction that working out can cause.  The 4 finger loop backing assures that these lifting grips fit like a glove!

Because GymPaws® are 100% Genuine Leather and not synthetic micro fiber or rubber material they’ll outlast even the toughest workout routines.

Fitness Gift Ideas - GymPaws Lifting Grips

The Perfect Gift For Someone Who Likes To Workout

–  At under $20 they make an inexpensive gift for any occasion.  During the holiday season, they’re an awesome stocking stuffer!

–  They tell the person you’re giving them to, that you put some thought into a cool gift that they’ll not only love, but one they’ll actually get some use out of.

–  The GymPaws® website is Verified Safe and Secure, so you can shop with confidence!  All major credit cards are accepted using and you can check out with PayPal or now you can use your Amazon account!

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