Best Gym Gloves 2016

Mardi Gras Gym Membership

Best Gym Gloves 2016

Just last week was Mardi Gras.  Most of those in the US recognize "Fat Tuesday" as the celebration before Ash Wednesday.  For those of you workout fanatics and gym rats, aside from noticing the hangover on Wednesday, you may have noticed something more when you hit the workout floor or Crossfit box.  By this time of the year, millions of those who made "going to the gym" as one of their New Year's Resolutions will have already abandoned their goals. That means more space in the gym for the rest of us!

Mardi Gras Gym Membership

So this year you may have made a handful of New Year resolutions.  Millions of us have vowed to make healthier lifestyle decisions.  Whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, spend more time at the gym, spend less time at the bars or to spend more time with our significant others.  The reason why so many people lose motivation for their exercise and fitness goals is because often times they are too lofty.  It's the small things that count when it comes to making position behavior changes. 

Best Weightlifting Gloves For Men

GymPaws have been rated the Best Gym Gloves 2016 by weightlifting and bodybuilding experts worldwide.  So what does that matter to you?  Well those journeys that we all commit too lose their interest over time because they become boring and mundane.  Sometimes all it takes is to get yourself a new pair of gym shoes or weightlifting gloves to motivate you to stay on track!

Weight Lifting Grips For Men

The Original GymPaws Weightlifting Gloves have become one of the best selling gloves online for a couple of reasons:

They're made from Genuine Cowhide Leather, not synthetic materials or micro fiber. 

As gym gloves, they're super versatile.  Use them as Crossfit Gloves, Weightlifting Grips, or hand protection for anything in the gym. 

Four finger loops keep them in place, you don't have to worry about them bunching up or falling off.  They actually fit like a glove. 

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